Sunday, June 29, 2008

My first "non-myspace" blog

Wow, I did it! Never thought I would but a friend got me thinking about it and I cracked and decided to create my own blog other than the ramblings I write on myspace. It's 12:34am..yes, after midnight...the house is finally quiet. Kids are asleep...I can hear Mason breathing thru the baby monitor, Ryan is typing away on his computer busy doing his work, and I'm comfortably sitting in bed with my very own laptop (finally have my own). Ahh....finally a moment to relax...I've been waiting for this ALL DAY and the moment is finally here! Tomorrow is another busy day. A day to hug my kids, kiss my kids, play with my kids, discipline my kids, break up hitting matches that my kids will have with each other, hold the baby, nurse the baby, do laundry, fold laundry, put laundry away, make breakfast, make lunch, make dinner, probably go to walmart, pick up toys, pick up more toys, clean up food on the floor, wipe up spilled milk, change diapers, wipe poopie behinds, change more diapers, WHAT A DAY...and then...once again I'll have this moment after midnight when all my days tasks are completed to finally relax. YAY! anyways...i'm just rambling now. I need to get some sleep! Good night!