Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not doing so hot...again

Okay, so yesterday I went to the Dr....got to hear the heartbeat! YAY! That was exciting to actually hear some sort of life rather than just feeling sick and "knowing" i'm pregnant..it was reassuring knowing there really is life growing inside of me. Everything sounded and looked good. Talked to the dr about getting Zofran which is the prescription I took when I was pregnant with Mya and it worked WONDERFUL. No sickness and no side effects. So i was PUMPED beyond words to know I was finally going to get that relief I'd been hoping for. I took a pill yesterday late afternoon when I started feeling slightly nauseated. And to my surprise..i didn't notice any relief. Then a few hours later, I felt horrible. I took another one. Then a few hours later I got super sick and threw up and fainted. It was probably the worst fainting episode i've had yet. Ryan said I was out longer than normal. Then this morning..i woke up feeling sick. Took some more medicine. I just felt funny. LIke my legs felt heavy and I just couldn't get to feeling better. When it was time..i took some more. Still no relief. Then around 6pm I threw up and fainted AGAIN! I just feel weak and tired and have decided that I'm going back to taking the dramamine. At least with that I felt some relief. I don't understand why the Zofran isn't working this time. I'm just stressed and frustrated that it's Christmas and I'm doing worse than I have in weeks. I honestly need God to do a christmas miracle. I need to start feeling better all the time. I need to for myself, for my kids and for Ryan.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas pictures

Last night I FINALLY took the kids' picture for our christmas card. Yes, a little late, I know. It's just been hectic with me being sick and moving that taking the picture always seemed like such a big ordeal. And I had to wait until I had their perfect christmas outfits as well. So here they are! I was very pleased at how well they ended up doing for the picture. We took the pics after dinner and I expected at least one of them to put up a fight. But to my surprise I had full coroportation for all three! Mason didn't want to get off of the box I had him sitting on. Mya didn't want to stop posing. I swear I took 50 pictures of her one right after another. She just kept posing! So cute! Jordan didn't mind taking the pictures but he was definetly ready to be done when it was over. So anyways. Here ya go! And just so you know...i will be sending out christmas cards, but I ordered them last night and I don't think I'll get them until christmas, but I'll have them ready to mail out as soon as i get them...so you can expect them, but expect them a little late. Better late than never, right?!?!?!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Mason James...1 yr old!!!

WOW! It was one year ago ( yesterday that is..dec 11th) that I was in the hosptial bringing precious Mason James into the world. It was such a WONDERFUL experience!!! Labor is not a good word to describe it. It wasn't any work at all! His delievery was SO easy even though he was 10lbs 2oz!!!!!!!!!! The whole experience was calm and relaxing. But wow, it's been a year already! He's grown from a tiny (well, not tiny in most people's eyes since he was a ten pounder!!) infant into a curious, active toddler! He started doing everything early...rolling over at 2 months, sitting on his own at 4 1/2 months, crawling at 5 1/2 months, standing at 6 months, and walking at 9 months! And by the way..he didn't just start with a few first steps. He took a few steps and that was it...from 9 months old he was walking all over the house..no more crawling! Now he is talking up a storm! We can't always understand him but he is VERY vocal! Nothing is sweeter though than hearing him say, "MA MA MA MA!" :) He is definetly a Mama's boy and he is the sweetest! He loves to snuggle with me and when I hold him he is always giving kisses and hugs!!! He also does this sweet thing where he just rubs my hand or arm....its SO precious!!! My other 2 are sweet...but Mason has them beat!!!!He's just so precious and grew up TOO fast! We had a small birthday party for him last night. He wasn't sure about opening presents but was all for diving into his cake!! He didn't use his hands...he went face first!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

We're MOVING....

Yes, you read that title right...we got a new house! We had been talking about it. At first we were going to buy the one we are renting now but the more we thought about it, it wasn't exactly what we wanted. So we were going to take our time and find the perfect one. There was no rush so we planned to just be looking at homes when they came about. We needed something different for obvious reasons...space. We were out growing our home. Yes, we could live in here with 4 kids but the kids bedrooms aren't the biggest so it would be tight, especially if this next baby is another boy. Three in one room would be really tight. So more space would definetly be a plus. Also, our yard slopes in the back real bad where the kids can't even really play back there so they have to play in the front which has a slight slope and I don't like them playing in the front by the street. Our dream home would have a big, flat backyard. Those are our 2 major "wants". We liked our house, but would like to find something that meets our needs. So we find this one house that looks pretty new. At first when we drove by...I was like, "yeah, it's nice but wasn't all into it". But we called anyway to take a look at the inside. It did have a GREAT backyard..which is what made me want to check out the inside. In the meantime while we were driving around we found this WONDERFUL looking house. It was obviously MUCH bigger and it just had this WONDERFUL cozy home look. The yard was HUGE and it was right by the golf course...we could see it from our driveway. We called on it. It was more a month than what we said we would pay....but I still wanted to see it. I knew deep down it was more than we should take on. But oh, it was just so wonderful looking and when i looked in the windows...it was SO nice and fancy and just GREAT looking. So while we had set up a time to see that house, the other house called and we were able to go and look at that one. We walked thru the door and in my mind I was going to find anything possible wrong with it because I wanted that other big, emaculate house. Well, as we walked in...I found myself falling in love with this house...it was PERFECT...I loved how it was layed out. THe bedrooms were GREAT...the master was huge and the master bath even has a whirlpool tub!!! The 2nd bedroom was almost as big as the master which is PERFECT size for 2 kids to share and if this one is a boy, 3 could share NO PROBLEM..it's THAT big! The 3rd room is just average size...but still big enough for 2 to share if needed. There is lots of closet space and a nice big garage. And like i mentioned earlier a GREAT BACKYARD! It's big and completely flat...perfect for our kids. I was SO impressed with that house. I told ryan that I didn't even want to look at that other one that I so had my heart set on. This house was much cheaper (in our budget) and it was BRAND NEW! Well, it was 2 yrs old but only had someone living in it for 4 months!!! And we can rent right now and buy anytime we are ready!!! I can't express how perfect this house is for us. It has EVERYTHING I said I wanted. I had no intentions of us finding our new house this fast. Ryan kept saying, "are you sure, you were all about taking our time". But i was sure..i couldn't let this pass us by. I would be heartbroken if we couldn't get this house. I never had intentions of moving before christmas but since we have NO decorations up, I decided I wanted to move before christmas so we can keep our stuff up a little longer and enjoy it. If we didn't move until right after, we would have to rush and take everything down. We have fullfilled our lease at this house and we are just doing month to month now so we can have this house until the 1st. Oh, and when we went to the real estate agency to fill out the paper work, I assumed we would fill out an application and then have to wait a few days and be anxious to find out if we got it or not. So we filled out the application and the agent handed us the key and said, "congrats, here's your new house!". I was shocked at how easy that was!!!! SO we spent about 2 hrs at the house yesterday analyzing where everything is going to go. I'm SO pumped and ready to get moved in. I just never lived in a "new" house before..it's SO nice not seeing old dirt stuck under kitchen cabinets or just scrapes and knicks on the walls. I'm just SO excited to move. The house is about 5 min from where we live now...so this move is going to be SO much more simple that our moves in the past. The kids are super excited mostly for the backyard I think, but they CAN"T wait! Mya asked me this morning, "is today the day we are going to live in the new house?" When I told her "not today" she said, Okay, well, i'll go and pack my suitcase so we can! Then I told her, "remember, we are MOVING so everything is going with us and we'll have to use boxes" and she said, "okay, go and get me my boxes!". So we are very excited and I'm just so amazed at how this fell in our lap! Oh and did I mention it had a fireplace...definetly an added plus..not a "need" but definetly a plus! After we seen this house I told Ryan I didn't even want to look at the other one I was so set on because #1 it wasn't in our budget and #2 I love this house and don't even want to look at anything else!!!! It's funny how something you tell yourself your not going to like, can end up being something your in love with! So we are planning on being completely moved in by the 10th (yes, 5 days from now...crazy, I know! LOL). We will have this house till the 1st so we will not have to get everything out right away..like storage type stuff we can take our time on. So, that is the latest and greatest Beers family news!!! :)


A few days ago, I took Mason to the Dr because he had been coughing close to 2 weeks and I could now hear it in his chest. We all had colds but we got over ours and I thought he would too but since he wasn't seeming to get over it I decided to take him in. And I'm glad I did. Turns out he had another ear infection so he's on antibiotics for that. He was already on singular for the past 2 months and actually needs to take that all winter for his allergies. He always has watery eyes and a runny nose because of allergies. Now he is also on a steroid to help open up his airway so he can cough all the gunk out. And now I have to do breathing treatments on him 2 times a day for 30 days. The home medical equiptment people brought a nebulizer to our house and showed me how to use it. I don't think anyone realizes how difficult it is to get an 11 month old to sit still and breathe in medicine for 15 minutes! He has a mask but won't keep that on. They told me i could wave it in front of his face until the medicine is gone so that is what I've been doing. At first he pushes it away and tries running away from it. But now I think we got it down! Ryan holds him and gets him interested in some books and I sit there and wave that in front of his nose and mouth. He tries pushing me away at first but then just kinda forgets about me being there and just looks at his books. we've only done 4 so far and i'm about to start his first one for today! I'm hoping after the 30 days we can be done with this. He was diagnosed with acute bronchospasm. Wasn't exactly sure what that was and the dr said his airway and lungs are constricted but then looked it up and it basically means "asthma". He will be re-evaluated in 30 days. I'm just hoping that these treatments help him and it's not something we have to continue. I don't have a picture of Mason acutally doing a treatment but I have this picture of him trying on the mask!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I need to get my Christmas on

Okay, so it's Dec 1st...and there is NO sign of christmas in the Beers' household. Not because we are scrooges..not at ALL! It's just well, since I'm pregnant and this is my 1st trimester I am SUPER tired and sick on and off. Especially in the evenings so I don't have the energy to put into getting everything out or the energy to have every spot in the living tidy and orderly so I can see where to put the christmas decorations. My MAIN motivation breaker though can be summed up in one word....MASON....!!!!!! As I write this I am constantly moving him from the front of the tv because he keeps pushing it on and off while the kids are watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (okay, i guess there is a little christmas in our house...christmas tv shows! LOL). He is into EVERYTHING these days. I can not keep up with him and I can only imagine what our tree will go thru when Mason gets his hands on it!!!!!!!!! Even with the bottom half not decorated...those poor tree limbs (it's a fake tree by the way!) And to buy a baby gate fence for around it...we don't have the money for that just to use for this one month. So that is a big motivation breaker for me....I know..i need to get my "Christmas" on....and I will. I am prepping myself for it this weekend...WE WILL HAVE OUR TREE UP THIS WEEKEND! But until then...I'm going to enjoy every minute of not having to chase him away from the tree. Now next Christmas should be an easier one since Mason will be 2 and at least know how to listen to us...somewhat. And the baby will only be like 6 months old. Then I need to pray that the next Christmas that Baby #4 doesn't follow in Mason's footsteps. He has definetly been my most "getting into everything" child!!!! But on a positive note...Mason is also my most lovey and cuddly baby. He definetly makes up for his getting into everything with TONS of snuggles!!!! So you can expect a blog next weekend with christmas decoration pictures and I'm sure a few stories about Mason getting into the tree!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until then...Hope everyone is having fun getting ready for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!