Wednesday, November 26, 2008

potato salad...

I'm craving Mustard potato salad. I bought some from the walmart deli the other day...and i just ate the last little, i wish I had another whole tub of it! I could chow down on that right now! Oh boy..the cravings are just starting! LOL!

Tomorrow is thanksgiving & today I'm thankful for...

Tomorrow is thanksgiving and I doubt I'll have time to write this blog so while I sit here and eat my banana I thought I would write this blog.

Things I'm thankful for: (this isn't going to be this big, deep blog..just simple things)

1. The fact that I'm typing this...i'm feeling pretty good today!
2. That jordan has the rest of the week off of school (i get to spend extra time with AND we don't have to make that 20 minute trip to and from his school numourus times a day!!!)
3. cider donuts (thanks to Ashley & Ryan's mom for bringing them to us last night!)
4. My kids are playing nicely together right now..ALL 3 of them!
5. The fact that I can get in on black Friday sales without leaving my house at ungodly hours of morning--Ryan does that for me! :)
6. That i get to eat a thanksgiving feast tomorrow!! (i've been craving that type of food for a month now!!)
7. That the temp is going to be like 60 degrees tomorrow...
8. That I have a great cashier at Walgreens that always makes sure I pay hardly ANYTHING and get a great deal!
9. Free samples in the mail (gotta love anything free!!!!!!!!!!!)
10. And of wonderful husband, my terrific precious kids, the baby in my belly, and our extended family...i love them all and of course I'm VERY thankful for all of them.
11. And of course Jesus Christ who died for me...without Him..we are all NOTHING!

There you go..the few things that I'm thankful for that popped in my head...there are many many more..but I just thought I would type a few of them. Okay, off to blow dry and straighten my hair (it's been FOREVER since I've actually done my hair...seriously..i'm just lucky to get it it's been pretty scary looking lately...and that is the main reason for no prego pictures of me floating around yet! LOL)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Back to being sick....

Don't get me wrong...I TOTALLY still praise God for those 2 days of feeling good. It was wonderful but now i'm back to being sick. Last night around 9pm...i felt horrible sick and threw up and fainted real bad again. I had started feeling sick around dinnertime and it just escalated. Then I woke up this morning not feeling so hot but figured once I ate I would be fine...WRONG...threw up AGAIN! So now it's 9am and I'm drinking Gingerale and eating chicken noodle soup with hopes it will fill my stomach and I can get on with my day. Please Lord, Help to to feel good today.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Believe in Miracles....

Yes, miracles..I have always believed and have seen miracles throughout my life. But today I was in tears as I drove myself to walmart...yes, you heard me right...I DROVE TO WALMART! Okay, so where's the miracle you ask. The fact that I got up this morning, went to church, made lunch, went grocery shopping...that to me is a miracle. I'm not being sarcastic by any means. I was actually in tears thanking God the way to walmart. I have been so sick and with my previous pregnancies I knew that it just doesn't go away...not at 9 weeks pregnant!!! When I was pregnant with Mason I still had a few bouts of being sick up until the 3rd trimester so I know without a doubt this was a miracle. I had been praying daily asking God to give me strength and help me thru this and to not be so sick. I was having the hardest time watching my home and family be neglected by me because all I could do was lay on the couch. Not to mention feeling absolutly horrible. Yesterday was my birthday and we went out to eat and to the mall. I felt good. I got hungry but made sure I ate as soon as i felt the urge to keep me from getting sick. And it worked! I felt good..i felt good all evening as well. I was nervous going to church this morning...I just didn't think I would get lucky two days in a row...but PRAISE GOD...I felt good during church. I felt good afterwards...and GOOD enough to go to Walmart. To me..that is a miracle. I truly believe God was at work in this situation. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. I did get real tired once i got home. I had to lay down and for a few moments..thought I might get sick. I ate though, and that seemed to help. PRAISE GOD AGAIN!! I could never be more greatful. I am starting to feel the hungry feeling again. I'm going to eat some crackers...then hopefully the chilli I'm cooking right now goes down good (and stays down! LOL). I just wanted to write this and remind you to never give up on God and his miraculous may not sound like a miracle to just anybody..but to was truly a miracle. Miracles can be big or small.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

more ramblings.... I've decided that after I have this baby I'm going to be anorexic....not to lose weight but just because I don't EVER want to eat again! ugh. Of course I'm kidding. But I'm SO tired of thinking of food. It's like I have to force myself to eat and think about what to eat constantly. I don't get a break from it. Just when I think my stomach might feel full..nope, i get that hunger pain again which only makes the nausea worse.

Also, I'm praying that my teeth don't rot out while I'm pregnant. I have the HARDEST time brushing my teeth. I do it..but not like I should be and everytimeI use the toothbrush it makes me gag and when I gag...bad things happen.

This show that is on TV right now that Mya is watching "yo Gabba Gabba" Is making me feel more nausaus...seriously...the show makes me think back to when I was pregnant with Mason and she used to watch it every day when I was as sick as could be on the now I associate that show with feelings of nausea. So weird.

Saturday is my birthday. Ryan and I were suppose to go out to dinner. I asked him if we could in the afternoon just cuz I have a better chance that I'll feel okay. I am praying that I at least feel good that day.

okay, mason is awake in his bed from an early nap...better go and get him.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is it June yet?

Seriously...I have SO far to go. SO many more bad days ahead of me. I know that doesn't sound positive...but it's hard to be positive when I know the road that lies ahead of me. Yesterday I felt pretty nausaus all day. Then at about 9pm...I threw up (sorry for graphic details...). Didnt' faint...which I was VERY THANKFUL for. But then in the middle of the night Jordan fell out of his bed and came in my room to tell me. So I got up to tuck him back in bed. Mason was then awake and I could tell I had to fall asleep right away or I was going to get sick. I handed Mason to Ryan and sure enough...had to grab my walmart sack and head for the floor. (that is my throwing up drill..grab a walmart bag and just lay on the floor so if I do faint...i don't fall and get hurt even worse!). Then everything turned hearing disappeared and that is the last thing I remember until I woke up with NO clue as to where I was. Ryan told me I was throwing up and I fainted and I was in our room. He knows the drill. Then I was shaking and was super cold. Ugh! Why does this happen to me? I just don't get it. So now today..i just feel extra weak and scared of throwing up and's a fear I have all day long. And I'm here alone with all 3 kids. Jordan got sick at school yesterday so we didn't send him today. But I'm wishing I did send him. He's OBVIOUSLY feeling better. He has TOO much energy to be cooped up in the house. So that means him and Mya keep fighting...AND Mason went down for his nap and of course their fighting woke him he's crying in his bed right now. I'm hoping he'll go back to sleep soon. I've got to get off of here...I'm about to lose my mind. Not to mention my lunch. ugh!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh let the blogging begin....

The pregnancy blogging that is. This is my way of venting...expressing all my feelings, my aches and pains, my emotions. So are you all ready to embark on this crazy thing called pregnancy with me? Here are my exact thoughts right now related to pregnancy.

Why does God have it that most pregnant women get sick at the beginning of pregnancy? I just can't grasp that. To me it would make sense for a pregnant woman to feel well so she can eat the most nutrious foods and take care of herself. Instead of having to only eat what she can keep down which isn't always the most healthiest of foods (like my pototo chips and mcd's french fries). I love fresh fruit. LOVE IT...but when I'm pregnant I have a hard time eating it at the beginning. I love veggies as well...but once again..those just don't sound good. Except baked potatoes. I think my baked potatoe count is up to 12 that I've eaten so far. I just don't understand this concept. When I go to heaven...this is definetly one of the 1st things I'm going to ask God.

Another thought is why does pregnancy have be for 9 months? I would be perfectly happy with about 3 months, even 6 months BUT 9 months? Does anyone realize how long that really is? That is almost a year!!!! But what is so strange is after you have a baby, the baby's 1st 9 months seem to FLY by. I can't believe Mason is already 11 months old...that sure flew by and I hardly remember being pregnant with him.

So anyways..this just starts the first of my MANY ramblings about pregnancy and how I'm feeling. I promise you they will get more positive and happy once I get over this horrid morning "oh I'm sorry...who ever named it that had NO clue"'s ALL DAY sickness for me...

And don't get me wrong...I'm THRILLED to be pregnant again. I am in awe at this marvelous, precious miracle growing inside me. When I think of amazes me!

Poor Jordan

I got the dreaded call from the school nurse today. Jordan had thrown up in class and was sick and needed go home. Poor little guy! Ryan's mom went to pick him up for me so he's not here yet. So I don't know the whole story. But I just feel so bad for him. I did not see this coming. :(

The news it out!

As most of you probably have heard now....Yes, Beers Baby #4 is on it's way! My estimated due date is June 18th. I haven't been to the dr I'm sure that will change a bit. And as always I'm sure I'll be induced early so i'm thinking at the beginning of June we'll have the baby! But that is SO far off. Oh how I wish it was in the near future. This part of pregnancy is SO hard on me. I get SO sick and just feel miserable. I'm tired of thinking about food. I'm tired of trying to find food to eat and to constantly eat so my stomach doesn't get empty. And even with my biggest efforts, I still manage to get sick and throw up occassionally. I'm SO worn out and tired all the time. My house is a disaster. Which just stresses me out even more. I just lay on the couch and wish I had someone there that I could just sit and tell them what to do with everything and just put it away! Luckily Ryan has been a big help. The other night he cleaned the living room and kitchen for me! Even scrubbed the kitchen floor! And did laundry! What a blessing that was!!!!!!!!Even though I cried the whole time because I felt bad because that is what I should be doing! Oh, I'm a mess these days! LOL! It's hard chasing after Mason. He is at the stage where he gets into EVERYTHING! I have made baracades so he can't reach the tv and change the channels or shut it off from the tv...or so he can't get behind the chair and unplug the light!!! I look forward to the nights when the kids will be in bed but when the evening approaches, all I can think about it going to bed. I get SO tired that I go to bed as soon as the kids are in bed. It's all going to be worth it in the end. It's just hard to see that end result right now. I don't have a picture to go along with this blog because a belly shot would look funny right would just be of my normal chub I had before I was pregnant this time! The chub I have never lost after having Mason! So I'll save the pictures for in the future!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween pics

I know these are WAY over due! Sorry. But here they are! :) The kids had fun. We went to one of the local churches that was doing a "Trunk or Treat!". They had a bunch of cars set up and decorated and were handing out candy! Jordan was a Knight, Mya was a cheerleader and Mason was a dinosaur!!!!