Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More changes for the Beers household

We have some big news. It's REALLY good news, yet it's also sad. We are moving to Texas. I'm SO incredibly sad to leave here. This has been "home" for the past 2 years and could NEVER see us leaving. It's the first place we found that I can honestly say is "home" for us. But as you know Ryan has been traveling for work for quite some time now. (for those that don't know, he's an insurance adjuster). It's been super hard on us as a family. He misses us and really hates missing out on so much with the kids. The kids miss him terribly. I miss him having him here just to talk to him. It's hard to talk on the phone when you have 4 kids running around so I feel like we don't get any time to just talk. It's just hard on all of us. Ryan was offered a job working in Waco, Texas (where his company is located) which would mean he wouldn't have to travel. He would be home every night. The first time it was mentioned our response was "no". We didn't want to leave here but after much prayer and consideration we have decided it's best for our family. For us to be together. Ryan loves his job and it's a job that allows me to be able to stay at home with the kids so we came to the conclusion that the move is what we need to do. I have such a peace about it and know God gave us this opportunity. Like I said, I'm SO sad to leave here yet I'm SO happy and excited for my family to be together again. It's going to be so good for us. Ryan has been down in TX for over a week now. He has also found us a house!!! I totally trust him to pick one out. I have only seen the picture of the outside so I can't wait to see the inside! (i know, i'm brave..letting my husband get a house for us without me seeing it! but he totally knows what I like so I trust him COMPLETELY) It's going to be a quick move down there only because Jordan will be starting school in August and we want to be settled before he starts. I know it seems like this has happened so fast and it has yet at the same time it's been something we've been thinking about for awhile but it wasn't until just recently that we have made the decsion to go. So there you go...our "big news!". On another note, i'm actually having a good time packing. I have been able to really go thru stuff and clean stuff out. It's nice packing when you can do that. Now when I unpack it will only be the stuff i need and it will be all organized! YAY! The picture is of our new house.

My 1st month with Gracie

WOW! I can't believe Gracie Ann is 1 month old today. She has been such a sweet blessing in my life. She is such a good baby. Sleeps almost all night long. Of course gets up 2 times to eat but after I nurse her she just falls right back to sleep. For about 4 days she was having a real fussy time from 10pm till about 11pm where she would just cry and nothing seemed to help but the past 2 nights she's stopped doing that. She is just so precious and I still just stare at her in amazement just like I did that night she was born.

The other kids have adjusted to having a new baby sister really well. Jordan loves being the "big" brother to all his younger siblings. He's very good with Gracie. Mya is a little Mommy. She LOVES helping me take care of Gracie. Mason definetly loves his sister. He is always concerned about her and wonders where she is at when I'm not holding her. He calls her "AC". It's SO cute! He is still a little rough with her so we have to watch him very closely. He just doesn't realize he's being rough. But I know it just has to do with his age. He doesn't seem to show any signs of jealousy which is good.

This past month has been a WONDERFUL one. I absolutely LOVE being the mother of four. Yes, it's difficult at times but I wouldn't change it for ANYTHING. It's been a little more difficult with Ryan out of town for work but we have kept ourselves very busy with going to the playgrounds, pool and of course walmart! I feel pretty good getting out with all 4 by myself as well. So this past month has been GREAT!

Happy one month birthday to my precious Gracie Ann. I love you my beautiful baby girl!