Friday, February 27, 2009

Sweet Bliss.....

After Mason's dr appt today at 3:30pm, I took the kids to eat dinner then I needed to run to JcPenny's. By the time we started our trek for home it was starting to get dark out. The 40 min drive home was WONDERFUL! All 3 kids fell asleep, the radio was playing great music, it was my favorite time of night (right as it's getting dark and there are silloutes--not sure how to spell that??). The quietest, most peaceful drive home. Sweet sweet bliss!

Friday, February 6, 2009

What a night...what a morning...

SO last night I put Mason to bed at 7:00pm. He didn't nap well, so I thought, okay, get him to bed early and my night just might be relaxing. I'm going to do a timeline of my night last night. And as a side note, Mya hardly EVER falls asleep or goes into bed before me. Usually she goes to bed with me (yes, it's an issue we need to deal with...but for now..that is our routine) Okay, so here's my timeline:

7pm - Mason in bed
7:15pm- Mason wakes up screaming...I went in to get him and see what is wrong.
7:30pm - get mason back in bed and he's sound asleep
8:30pm - put Jordan to bed
9:00 pm - start rocking Mya because she's super tired & took allergy meds so I knew she would fall asleep with a little rocking. (my thoughts were to get her to bed and actually get to watch a movie with Ryan)
9:01pm - Mason wakes up...Ryan goes and gets him and tries rocking him to sleep while i still rock Mya
9:45pm - Mya FINALLY falls asleep so I put her to bed.
9:46pm - Mason wakes back up and ONLY wants me.
10pm - Mason is FINALLY sound asleep back in his bed.
10:30pm - ALL kids are in bed...we start the movie.
11pm - Mason wakes back up...i bring him on the couch with me and he falls back asleep with me until the movie is over at 12am ish.
12:15am - put Mason back in his bed.
12:45am - Go to bed.
2am - get woken up by Jordan because he wet the bed (some day he isn't going to appreciate that i wrote about this to the
2:15am - got jordan all cleaned up, sheets changed and BACK in bed.
4am - Mason wakes up and decides all he wants is his bottle. So i make him a bottle.
4:30am - Mason finally falls back asleep in my bed.
6am - I wake up to feeling something wet...oh crap..yup, mason soaked his diaper and it soaked thru so now my sheets are wet..gross.
6:30am - got him all cleaned and changed and we are settled in the recliner in the living room with hopes to sleep a little while longer.
6:35am - Mya comes out to the recliner and wants to rock too.
7am - Jordan wakes up
7:15am - I believe is when the fighting began...mya & Jordan were fighting over a blanket. I don't was kinda blur to me..i was SO TIRED! Ryan took care of that ordeal.
8am - I give up...okay, we are NOT getting any sleep...SO i'd better just start the laundry cuz I have like 3 loads of urine soaked sheets and blankets...gross.
8:15am - Mason comes out of his room rubbing his hands looked kinda funny so I thought I'd better see what he was really doing. I got about 2 feet in front of him and I could SMELL what he was was doing..i knew EXACTLY what he was doing...he was smooshing poop in his hands. He pooped (diarehha) in his diaper and had stuck his hands down in it. GROSS!
8:20am - bathtime for Mason
8:25am - Jordan & Mya decided they needed a bath too.
8:30am - Ryan here ya go...I'm taking a shower!

WOW....I'm if i have one of those nights once the baby is can add getting up to nurse a baby every 2 hours in there too! I think i'll be going to bed at 9pm tonight! :)