Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What do I do with $100....

I was given $100 to spend on ONLY ME. (I actually pinky swore that I would only spend it on me) When it was handed to me I was thinking "wow, how fun...to only spend the money on me. I'm sure I'll think of 100 things I want to buy". Then last night I REALLY started thinking. My mind was flooded with hundreds of ideas. The first thing that popped in my head was "oh, now I can go mail those small packages I want to mail to some friends. Now I have the extra money for the shipping"....Oh wait..that wouldn't be spending it on me. hmmm...oh I know, I'll get some Christmas presents...shoot that isn't on ME either. I KNOW....I'll go to dollar tree and get TONS of fun halloween and fall stuff for the kids to have our little homeschool halloween party. Oh SHOOT..that would be using the money on the kids and not only me. This is harder than I thought. Okay, what do I REALLY need? CLOTHES. I'm in DESPERATE need of clothes. But that doesn't sound like fun to me. Trying to find something cheap and something that fits right. (even with $100 to spend I don't want to spend full price)Don't get me wrong, I love clothes but I would rather buy my kids some more clothes. Jordan & Mya really need jeans. I would hate to spend the money on jeans for me when they don't have any that fit them right now. So scratch clothes off my list. I KNOW...I could buy a whole bunch of ribbon so I could make some more ribbons..oh but those technically would be for my girls' hair. Does that count as a "for me only" item...since I actually enjoy making hair bows? Or what about a bunch of yarn and crochet hooks? That is my new hobby. So that would be for me also I suppose, even though the items I make will be for someone else.

I decided to look at my amazon wish list. It includes many books, some essential oils, an oil diffuser, and a nikon lens for my camera. I want ALL that stuff but why now that I have the money do I not want to buy those things? I don't get it. I also thought about using the money to get my hair cut. I haven't had it cut since last April. But again, that seems like a waste of money. I can just pull my hair in a pony tail now. Why mess with actually having to make it a certain way every day. Then there is the sensible thing to spend it on. I need some more contacts. I could also use a pair of glasses. Maybe THAT is what I'll end up spending it on. If I am going to spend it on myself it might as well be something I really do NEED and not just "want".

This is going to be WAY harder than I thought it would. So for now, I'm going to save this $100 bill until I come across something I just HAVE to have(for myself of course). What would YOU spend $100 on?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

mumble jumble

I don't even know what to title this blog. It's just a bunch of mumble jumble because I feel like I've been a "bad" blogger. I seriously LOVE blogging and think about different things to write about through out my day BUT to actually have time to do it is a different story. It just doesn't happen. Maybe if I had a laptop where I could blog while laying on the couch at night...maybe I would get more done. BUT to actually sit at my computer after the kids go to bed just doens't sound comfortable. I would rather veg out in front of the tv and watch my DVR recorded stuff. (I have a love/hate relationship withe DVR by the way. Sometimes I wish we didn't have tv. I read SO much more without. I feel so much better when I read. My husband feels the same way. but somehow we still can't let go of finding out who got kicked off the island)
Life has been BUSY again. This month has been crazy. I had my sister coming for a visit last weekend. This weekend Jordan and Daddy have the boy scout camping trip and next weekend I have my mom and Nana coming to visit. ALL good things...just makes for a busy month. On top of that we got a new puppy almost 2 weeks ago (I have a blog written about that but I'm waiting to post it until I get the pictures off of my camera so I add pictures with it...another thing on my "to do" list. And on a side note..I have A LOT of pictures on my camera that have not been uploaded to my computer yet. Which is unlike me. Usually I do that every few days.

Let's see. I don't even know where I was going with this blog. I had taken about a 40 minute break from blogging. I took a shower and got all the kids dressed. Now I'm at my computer but kneeling on my knees at it. (too lazy or busy..which ever way you want to look at it...to get a chair and sit down).

School---okay, most schools are having their "fall break" right now. We are still on "summer break". Not entirely. We do some school here and there. We just haven't started full force yet. BUT that is about to change. The rest of our books are scheduled to arrive via UPS tomorrow. So I have decided to start school full force on Sunday. The only reason it's Sunday is because I already know we won't make it to church (I don't go by myself and Ryan has no choice but to go see a claim for work early Sunday morning)so why not start school. Since my mom and Nana come on Thursday by starting Sunday that gives us a good week of school. Sunday thru Wed. Then we can take off Thursday and just do a little on Friday. then have the weekend off. I'm SO ready to get going. I'm ready for the schedule. I'm ready to watch their brains turning with knowledge. I'm ready for the chaos (did i just say I was READY for that?? lol. okay maybe not THAT). It's going to be good. I can feel it. I'm ready to be "Miss Mommy" again. (that is what Mya calls me. She has insisted I have a "teacher" name).

Totally off the subject (well, this whole blog is "off topic" as there is NO topic to this blog post.) but my contacts are driving me INSANE. back in April I went for an eye dr appt. I desperatly needed new contacts. Finally by June I got a pair of contacts that I thought would be good for me. Acuvue Oaisys. After trying out many other pairs and types of contacts, even different prescriptions I found a pair that worked good. I was having dry eye issues. My contacts get dried out and I am looking thru a fog. When my eyes would water, i could see clear. Drove me NUTS. Well, I thought the acuvue oasys was the answer. They are WONDERFUL for about 2 weeks (probably more like 1 1/2 weeks). Then the fog comes back. They are dried out and it's time to change them. Which I guess that is how they are suppose to work. They are only 2 week contacts. I am one that normally wears 2 week contacts for more like 2 months. (i'm a bad eye patient I suppose). But when they don't bother me I forgot to change them. They are SO expensive to buy that often. I can't afford to change them that often. But now I feel forced to since I can't see. I am down to my last pair. I can't buy more until at LEAST October 15th. Ugh. It's driving me NUTS wearing these contacts. I am putting in eye drops but it's still driving me insane. So that last paragraph was of me complaining about my eyes. sorry.

I told you this would be mumble jumble. I promise my blogs from here on out will be more enjoyable to read and more exciting. I just didn't like the 4 week gap in my blogs. So I just HAD to post whatever was on my brain at the given moment. Okay, back to your scheduled programming. lol.