Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU....

Mason & Daddy watching the KU basketball game. Mason keeps saying "ball...ball". He loves watching basketball with daddy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Arkansas Ice storm

So today we are trapped in our house. There is an ice storm. Normally, it would nice and cozy to be able to just stay home all day...but I'm just worried about losing power. It's SO cold out. Luckily we haven't lost power yet. I'm praying SO hard that we don't. I just don't feel like freezing and all three kids have a cough and bad runny nose so sitting in a freezing cold house would not help them any. It's not like we can go anywhere seeing as where we live the roads are HORRIBLE. Hilly and curvy and not treated for ice at all. The storm actually started yesterday afternoon right before we had our ultrasound appointment. We probably should have cancelled, now that it's over I'm SO glad we went and glad we made it home safely. We saw 4 accidents on the HWY on the way home yesterday. So anyways...that is the scoop here. I have so far went thru all the baby girl clothes to just look thru them. I was SO glad I saved most of mya's baby clothes. They are SO cute! I held back from washing them all up. I decided I have PLENTY of time to do that. So now they are put back in the closet. I think my next project today is cleaning out and organizing my closet. Jordan probably won't have school tomorrow either. So as long as we don't lose power it will all be good. Okay, enough rambling. Here's a few pics from the forest at the end of our yard and a pic of the kids firetruck. So far we don't have super thick ice but it's suppose to continue ALL DAY!

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's a.....

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"m beyond excited. I would have been happy either way but deep down I wanted a girl to even things out and baby girl stuff is just so darn cute! And it would be so perfect since it will be born right around Mya's birthday so all of Mya's baby clothes will the perfect size/season. I'm just SO excited!!! Everything looked good. My baby girl would not hold still. She was squirming all over. At first we had a little trouble telling if she was a boy or a girl but luckily she gave us a wide open view and there was no doubt that she was a she!!!! YAY! Her measurements showed her a week younger than we thought. So they changed my due date to June 25th...a week later. I didn't show any signs of placenta previa (a low lying placenta) which I had when I was pregnant with Mason so I was very relieved. I was so worried I would have that again and be put on all those restrictions again but thankfully I don't have to worry about that this time around. I'm just happy to know what we are having. I can't wait to pick out a name now. We have NO idea what her name will be but it's SO much fun looking thru all the names and trying to come up with something. We did have a 2nd girl name that we were set on if Mason was a boy, Macy...BUT we thought for sure we were done after Mason so we used the name we really can't use Macy now. Oh well, we can start from scratch and it's kinda fun. I love anything to do with names so I love this part! :) So anyways. That is the scoop on our baby girl. Oh and the picture that I've added to this is a little blurry...sorry about that. I took a picture of the ultrasound picture and that is how it turned out. But you can at least kinda make out her profile in the picture.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Every Thursday I take Mya and Mason to the library for storytime. Mya loves going and doing the craft after the stories. Mason loves running around and playing with the puzzles. After we leave the library we always go to Chick-fil-A for lunch and after lunch the kids play on the playground there. They have a BLAST!!!! I took a few pics of the kids while we were at Chickfila yesterday, I didn't really plan on blogging about this...but thought I would so I could post the pictures!

Tu-tu Model

Just wanted to quick add a picture of Mya wearing her tu-tu. I took the picture before we left for dance class.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Beers #4 update

I went to the Dr yesterday. All sounded good. I'm just about 19 weeks. I do have to say it almost seems to be flying by quickly...Although, when I think of June 19th...that seems SO far away. But I know time will fly by. I'm still just feeling little tiny bits of movement, nothing big yet. I'm also getting big, but not as big as I thought I would. I was much bigger at this time when I was pregnant with Mason. I'm feeling really good right now. Finally. I have a few moments of nausea in the morning but as long as i take a dramamine and eat...i'm all good. I'm getting back a little more energy and can stay awake past 9pm now. So right now, I'm pretty comfortable being pregnant. I know that will soon change as my belly grows and all those later pregnancy symptoms start to set in. But for now, I'm all good. I go on Monday for my ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. I'm SOOOO excited. This week seems to be going to slow. I can't wait for Monday. Of course we are going to find out. Ryan and I tossed around the idea of not finding out. I know that end experience would be so exciting to find out then...but i just can't. I don't have the patience in me for that. Also, I'm such a planner when it comes to having a baby. I want everything washed up and ready to go before the baby arrives. I would have to be going thru all the baby boy and baby girl clothes. I just want to find out and get all that stuff ready and not go back and forth...boy, girl, boy, or girl. But it's just as exciting finding out. And i want to focus on a name...and not have to put so much energy into both names. I give major kudos though to those that don't find out. I wish I had their patience. Now of course...if there is ANY doubt about what the sex is (like they don't get a 100% clean picture) I will definetly keep that in mind. We have been SUPER lucky with the other 3. There was no doubt with any of them. Mya and Jordan claim they "KNOW" it's a girl. Jordan said he prayed for a baby brother and then I found out I was pregnant with Mason. He always said it was a boy even before we knew. He said he was praying for another baby sister so he claims that that is what this baby is. Mya just says, "i know it's a Gool (how she says I don't think she knows what having another girl she would be sharing a room with her when she gets a little bigger...and mya is not all about sharing her space. So we shall see on Monday. YAY! I can't wait.

My new Hobby

Well, I did it..I made my 1st Tutu. (you know, those little things ballerina's wear...just for those of you that might not know what i'm talking about lol). Mya is in ballet and I paid $20 for this ADORABLE was SO cute...I got to thinking that maybe i could possibly make them so she could have one in every color...then I thought, hey, i could make them and sell them if I enjoy making them. We could definetly use the money and its something I can do. So I bought some Tulle and all the supplies. And last night I made one! i was so excited...and so was Mya. I learned along the way and know a few things I'm going to do next time to make it easier to make and make it look better...but I was still pleased with my first tutu. I mean, I've never made one before. I also have all differnt ideas floating around in my brain on how to emblesh them a little and add a little "pizazz" to them. So is the finished product. i'll eventually be making a website and start selling them. But I think i'll make a few more for practice before i do that. I'm praying that it's something works and makes us some money. It's fun and I enjoy it too!

Friday, January 9, 2009

belly shots

This was last week at 16 1/2weeks

This was last night...17 weeks. I was wearing regular jeans...but yesterday was the 1st day I had
use a rubberband to button them. Guess it's time for maternity jeans!!! I'm almost half way there!! YIPPEEE!!!! I don't think I'm quite as big right now as I was when I was pregnant with Mason. I was DEFINETLY not wearing regular jeans at 1 7 weeks with Mason. But I"m sure this baby will grow big just like Jordan, Mya & Mason did!!!!! (if that is the case...this one just might be my 11pounder!!!)

Curtains and Suitcases

So, last night was another night of organizing my room. I was going thru all my lotions & stuff and trying to organize our bathroom cabinets too. Mya was of course awake with me and having a blast looking thru all this stuff. She wanted to smell every lotion and spray. She would ask me about all my jewelery. It was cute. It made me remember when I would go thru my mom's stuff and it was always so amazing to me when I was little. Mya and I were having a good time. I also had my sheets in the dryer so I was waiting till those got done to make the bed then I was going to bed. Mya wanted to help me make the bed so I thought, 3 yrs old..this is a good of time as any to teach her how to put the sheets on the bed. SO, I got the stuff out of the dryer. She then asked, "mommy, will you show me how to put the "curtains" on the bed!". I said, "oh, you mean the sheets?" She said, "Yeah, i mean the sheets". So she helped me. Next she asked, "mommy, can I help you put on the "suitcases?"." I had to crack a smile at that one. Of course, Mya, you can help me put on the pillowcases!!!! So cute...she was so serious about helping with the curtains and suitcases! I guess if she didn't learn to put them on the bed at least she learned the correct terms for "sheets" and "pillowcases!". Gotta love the words of 3 yr olds! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Silly Underwear

Last night I was working on organizing my closet. I still had a big box filled with clothes that I have not put away since we moved. Most of it was stuff I don't even know why I have because I don't wear any of it. So, Mya was up with me as usual while the boys were in bed. (she is a night owl compared to the other two so she is always the last one awake and since she took a nap yesterday she was more awake than usual). She was helping me "work" in my room and having quite a fun time doing it. Wish it was as enjoyable for me. Anyways...I came across a whole bundle of underwear (I used to have a fetish with buying underwear ALL THE TIME back in the day). Most of which I don't wear at all. So I'm putting them away...I came across a thong. At first I thought, oh don't write about's kind of personal..but seriously, it's just underwear and EVERYONE wears some sort of underwear. And besides, who hasn't owned a pair of thongs back when everyone was paranoid about having underwear lines on the butt of their pants, right? So to my story. I held them up and said, "Mya, look at these!". She got a very curious look on her face and said, "um, Mommy, what happen to the butt of those undies?". Then I said, "I don't know". Then she said, "let me see those again". SO i held them up again and she said, "mommy, please don't ever wear those, I think you might pee on yourself if you do!". I was cracking up! Then she laughed and said, "oh just put those silly underwear away!". I was about to tell they were called "thongs"...but thought, I really don't need her going around using that word so we left it at "silly underwear!". Just thought it was a funny story.....I love the expressions on the faces of 3 yr olds and the words that come out of their mouths!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

My counter looks like a pharmacy shelf!!

Last night was a rough night. I was up from 3:30am to 6am with coughing kiddos. Mya has a horrible cough and couldn't sleep because it was so bad. I gave her cough medicine..but it didn't really help...she only stopped when she did end up falling asleep. She also had a fever. Mason also had a fever and had a cough his was different than Mya's though. His was the all too familar cough that you could hear rattling in his lungs. The cough he gets all too often. So first thing this morning I made a call to the dr. They both got appointments for 2pm. We got there and by this time Mya was really sick. She wanted nothing but to lay on me. I felt so bad for her. So anyways....once again..Mason had an ear infection! I didn't even realize it. I can't believe how many he's had now. Everytime he goes he has one. Looks like he's following in his big brother's and tubes may be in his future. Mya just had a bactireal infection and the cough was from her post nasal drainage!!! They were prescribed medications to treat all their symtoms. Now I'm back up to 4 meds (he's already been taking 2 for his allergies) for Mason and 3 meds now for Mya (a prescription cough med, predisolone to help open up her air way to get rid of the cough and an antibiotic for the infection). On top of all that..I'm giving them Motrin for the fever! I was lining out all the meds and reading up on them so i knew who gets what and when. I just had to take a picture for blog purposes! My counter looked like a shelf in a pharmacy!! I'm exhausted from today. I spent 2 hrs at the dr office and then another 2 1/2 hrs at Walmart waiting on the scrips. Ugh...mason's were ready when we got there...they were just waiting to fill Mya's. So I walked around WM while it was filling. Then stood in line (which by the way, i've NEVER seen so many people in the pharmacy line..i swear EVERYONE was either sick or just getting their regular meds filled and may i also mention..I saw TONS of motorized scooters in that line, sorry, i just made that observation! LOL) to pick them up and they STILL weren't done. I did this about 3 times...FINALLY at 5:30pm, they were filled. For some reason they kept skipping over filling her meds. If i would have known it would have taken that long, I would have just went home and sent ryan for them later on. But I did arrive home to a pleasent surprise..Ryan had made dinner and also started a load of laundry that I needed to do. All without me having to ask. So that was a pleasant surprise. Okay, i'm tired. Time for bed! I'm hoping the kids sleep better tonight for all our sake. We all need the sleep.