Friday, January 9, 2009

Curtains and Suitcases

So, last night was another night of organizing my room. I was going thru all my lotions & stuff and trying to organize our bathroom cabinets too. Mya was of course awake with me and having a blast looking thru all this stuff. She wanted to smell every lotion and spray. She would ask me about all my jewelery. It was cute. It made me remember when I would go thru my mom's stuff and it was always so amazing to me when I was little. Mya and I were having a good time. I also had my sheets in the dryer so I was waiting till those got done to make the bed then I was going to bed. Mya wanted to help me make the bed so I thought, 3 yrs old..this is a good of time as any to teach her how to put the sheets on the bed. SO, I got the stuff out of the dryer. She then asked, "mommy, will you show me how to put the "curtains" on the bed!". I said, "oh, you mean the sheets?" She said, "Yeah, i mean the sheets". So she helped me. Next she asked, "mommy, can I help you put on the "suitcases?"." I had to crack a smile at that one. Of course, Mya, you can help me put on the pillowcases!!!! So cute...she was so serious about helping with the curtains and suitcases! I guess if she didn't learn to put them on the bed at least she learned the correct terms for "sheets" and "pillowcases!". Gotta love the words of 3 yr olds! :)

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