Thursday, January 8, 2009

Silly Underwear

Last night I was working on organizing my closet. I still had a big box filled with clothes that I have not put away since we moved. Most of it was stuff I don't even know why I have because I don't wear any of it. So, Mya was up with me as usual while the boys were in bed. (she is a night owl compared to the other two so she is always the last one awake and since she took a nap yesterday she was more awake than usual). She was helping me "work" in my room and having quite a fun time doing it. Wish it was as enjoyable for me. Anyways...I came across a whole bundle of underwear (I used to have a fetish with buying underwear ALL THE TIME back in the day). Most of which I don't wear at all. So I'm putting them away...I came across a thong. At first I thought, oh don't write about's kind of personal..but seriously, it's just underwear and EVERYONE wears some sort of underwear. And besides, who hasn't owned a pair of thongs back when everyone was paranoid about having underwear lines on the butt of their pants, right? So to my story. I held them up and said, "Mya, look at these!". She got a very curious look on her face and said, "um, Mommy, what happen to the butt of those undies?". Then I said, "I don't know". Then she said, "let me see those again". SO i held them up again and she said, "mommy, please don't ever wear those, I think you might pee on yourself if you do!". I was cracking up! Then she laughed and said, "oh just put those silly underwear away!". I was about to tell they were called "thongs"...but thought, I really don't need her going around using that word so we left it at "silly underwear!". Just thought it was a funny story.....I love the expressions on the faces of 3 yr olds and the words that come out of their mouths!!!

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denise said...

Oh My GOSH!!! That had me laughing so hard!!!