Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Arkansas Ice storm

So today we are trapped in our house. There is an ice storm. Normally, it would nice and cozy to be able to just stay home all day...but I'm just worried about losing power. It's SO cold out. Luckily we haven't lost power yet. I'm praying SO hard that we don't. I just don't feel like freezing and all three kids have a cough and bad runny nose so sitting in a freezing cold house would not help them any. It's not like we can go anywhere seeing as where we live the roads are HORRIBLE. Hilly and curvy and not treated for ice at all. The storm actually started yesterday afternoon right before we had our ultrasound appointment. We probably should have cancelled, now that it's over I'm SO glad we went and glad we made it home safely. We saw 4 accidents on the HWY on the way home yesterday. So anyways...that is the scoop here. I have so far went thru all the baby girl clothes to just look thru them. I was SO glad I saved most of mya's baby clothes. They are SO cute! I held back from washing them all up. I decided I have PLENTY of time to do that. So now they are put back in the closet. I think my next project today is cleaning out and organizing my closet. Jordan probably won't have school tomorrow either. So as long as we don't lose power it will all be good. Okay, enough rambling. Here's a few pics from the forest at the end of our yard and a pic of the kids firetruck. So far we don't have super thick ice but it's suppose to continue ALL DAY!

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