Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Beers #4 update

I went to the Dr yesterday. All sounded good. I'm just about 19 weeks. I do have to say it almost seems to be flying by quickly...Although, when I think of June 19th...that seems SO far away. But I know time will fly by. I'm still just feeling little tiny bits of movement, nothing big yet. I'm also getting big, but not as big as I thought I would. I was much bigger at this time when I was pregnant with Mason. I'm feeling really good right now. Finally. I have a few moments of nausea in the morning but as long as i take a dramamine and eat...i'm all good. I'm getting back a little more energy and can stay awake past 9pm now. So right now, I'm pretty comfortable being pregnant. I know that will soon change as my belly grows and all those later pregnancy symptoms start to set in. But for now, I'm all good. I go on Monday for my ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. I'm SOOOO excited. This week seems to be going to slow. I can't wait for Monday. Of course we are going to find out. Ryan and I tossed around the idea of not finding out. I know that end experience would be so exciting to find out then...but i just can't. I don't have the patience in me for that. Also, I'm such a planner when it comes to having a baby. I want everything washed up and ready to go before the baby arrives. I would have to be going thru all the baby boy and baby girl clothes. I just want to find out and get all that stuff ready and not go back and forth...boy, girl, boy, or girl. But it's just as exciting finding out. And i want to focus on a name...and not have to put so much energy into both names. I give major kudos though to those that don't find out. I wish I had their patience. Now of course...if there is ANY doubt about what the sex is (like they don't get a 100% clean picture) I will definetly keep that in mind. We have been SUPER lucky with the other 3. There was no doubt with any of them. Mya and Jordan claim they "KNOW" it's a girl. Jordan said he prayed for a baby brother and then I found out I was pregnant with Mason. He always said it was a boy even before we knew. He said he was praying for another baby sister so he claims that that is what this baby is. Mya just says, "i know it's a Gool (how she says girl..lol). I don't think she knows what having another girl entails..like she would be sharing a room with her when she gets a little bigger...and mya is not all about sharing her space. So we shall see on Monday. YAY! I can't wait.

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