Friday, January 9, 2009

belly shots

This was last week at 16 1/2weeks

This was last night...17 weeks. I was wearing regular jeans...but yesterday was the 1st day I had
use a rubberband to button them. Guess it's time for maternity jeans!!! I'm almost half way there!! YIPPEEE!!!! I don't think I'm quite as big right now as I was when I was pregnant with Mason. I was DEFINETLY not wearing regular jeans at 1 7 weeks with Mason. But I"m sure this baby will grow big just like Jordan, Mya & Mason did!!!!! (if that is the case...this one just might be my 11pounder!!!)


denise said...

So CUTE!!! You'll have to find your belly shots for Mason and put them up side by side to compare. You look ADORABLE. Love you!!!

lori bunk said...

you look GREAT!!!