Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a good day!!!!!!

Today was a good day. It started out with Jordan's soccer game at 9am. Then we came home and I got a few things done that I needed to. Then after lunch I got the kids dressed to go and take pictures by the creek. When we got there, people we decorating for a wedding so we couldn't go and take pics and play in the creek. (that is all jordan was concerned about!). There is also a walking trail there, so we walked down it for a little bit so I could attempt to take some pictures. My main focus was to get a good picture of all 3 kids. That didn't happen. I got a few good individual shots..just not the 3 of them like I had hoped. Oh well, there will be other times. So we continued on our trip. We were thirsty so we made a Sonic stop and got cherry limeades! Next we went to the lake to play in the creek there. When we got there, the water was deeper than normal so the kids couldn't play in the creek there either. And a police officer was there and warned that there were many snakes down there. That kept Jordan from begging me to let him go in the creek!!! So we decided to just walk (there is a walking trail there too). Then we watched the ducks from the bridge. Mason managed to drop his bottle down in the water by the ducks! Bye-bye ba-ba!! Then we went to Walgreens, then up to Sam's. Then back to Bella Vista with another stop by the lake so the kids could play on the playground there. THEN finally back home. That is a lot of stuff to do in one day. It took like 5 hours!!! It was a great day though. The kids were excellent and it was a much needed "together time" without having to deal with "issues". It was a great day! I love my kiddos.I just wished Ryan was here to enjoy this with us :(

Friday, September 26, 2008

A make-up artist in the making

So, just a few minutes ago I was rocking Mason back to sleep and Mya was still awake and being really quiet in my I called her name. She came out to me with SUPER shiny lips. She found my lip gloss and put it all over her lips and all around them. I asked her what she had on and she said, "your lip gloss!". Then she said, "now I look just like a Barbie!". Then I said, "Hold on...let me put mason in bed and I'll take your picture!". Then she asked, "why, because I look Bootiful?"--that is how she says beautiful. So I took a couple of pics. I know you really can't see how shiny her face was...but it was sure shiny..i think she used half of the tube of lip gloss. That is not all...her cheeks are brown from my bronzer. Now, as I'm typing she is asking me to come and watch her do her make-up and she just brought me my foundation and asked where that goes on. That is my clue to get off the computer and watch her...who knows what she would be doing next!!! AHH!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Two peas in a pod

I guess Ryan and I are really 'two peas in a pod", we are one, united......
He came home Saturday night and said, "do you like my new starbucks mug?" I was like, "I have the same one! I just got it the other day!" He said, "no, you didn't, really". Yup, sure enough...we both bought the same mug! cute..matching starbucks mugs. What is strange about Ryan doesn't even drink it was TOTALLY random for him to buy that!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My coffee buddy

I am starting her out young!!!

(although, she isn't having's just a starbucks hot chocolate!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm offically a worn out "soccer mom"!!

I am EXHAUSTED from today and just this whole week. I guess I am finding out what the term "Soccer Mom" is. I believe I am one now! All I need is my mini van, which is coming in the upcoming months. I have spent more time in my vehicle this week than I ever have! It's crazy. Here is a run down of this past week:

Monday: Bring Jordan to and from school (it takes me 20 min each way to and from the school..20 min there in the morn and 20 back home..then I do it again in the afternoon!!)
Mya- Soccer at 6pm.

Tuesday: Bring Jordan to and from school; Jordan-Soccer 5:30pm

Wednesday: Bring Jordan to and from school; Mya-dance 9:30am-10:30am

Thursday: Bring jordan to & from school, bring Mya to library for story time; go out to lunch with a friend; Jordan-soccer practice 5:30pm.

Friday: Bring jordan to school, go to breakfast at the donut shop with Mya (it's becoming our friday morning tradition), go to some garage sales, find a great deal on a nice twin bed for Mya, go back home, have ryan's grandpa bring me BACK to the garage sale (which by the way is 20 min away) to get the bed with his truck, go back home unload it. Quickly take a shower(planned on taking one in the a.m. after garage saling but didn't get to it till the afternoon!) then rush out the door to pick up Jordan from school; right from school run to Las Fajitas(our fav mexican restaurant..i could eat there EVERYDAY!) to meet Ryan's grandparents and Aunt for dinner, then go to walmart then FINALLY go HOME!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!!

I am so worn out. To make it worse, my jeep is in the shop and won't be done till monday or tuesday. I'm so thankful the church has a car for me to use, but it's so small and it's hard to fit us all in there. I'm ready for my jeep grand cherekee back...i'm even more ready for my mini van..i see now why SO many mothers have them. :) Tomorrow is my day to catch up on the housework. Then in the afternoon Jordan has a birthday party to go to. Then Sunday is church AND then comes Monday and we start ALL over again! I like being busy and I LOVE taking my kids to stuff. I'm having a blast watching them play soccer and watching Mya do dance. It's all I want to do, just watch them have a blast! It's what I've been looking forward to. It just all started at once. I went from hardly leaving the house all week except to go to church and to get groceries to hardly ever being home! If this is what being a "soccer mom" is ....then I'm loving it! (except for the exhaustion...i'm hoping i'll get used to it with time!)

I"M EXHAUSTED! Not only am I tired from all that but in between there

Friday, September 5, 2008

A great way to end a not so great day...

It was so nice spending the evening with my kids. It started out at dinner. We ate dinner together. It was nice but we were missing someone very special. Ryan. He is a very important staple in this family and dinner just wasn't the same without him here. But he did end up calling at the end of dinner so it was nice talking to him. Then the kids talked to him via webcam. Mason was able to show him how he can clap his hands now! Then after that I cleaned up dinner and the kids played. Then it was bathtime. I love how soft and clean the kids feel after all the day's dirt is scrubbed off of them! They were all so cuddley in their pj's. Then we read a Bible story. Then it was movie night. The kids wanted to watch "Spykids". So I made them popcorn and fruit punch and they got all snuggled up on the floor to watch their movie. What a great way to end the night! I love my Kids!

What a day & it's only Noon

So today started out with Jordan waking me saying "Mom, we have to get I have school today!" What?!?! I sit straight heart beating so fast because I got woken up from a deep sleep. I check the time...Whew...only 7:08am...we dont' have to leave the house until 7:30am (that is the lastest we can leave to have him there on time). So I rush around to make myself look half way presentable (since I have to walk him into school every morning--he refuses to let me just drop him off). I got Mason changed and dressed. Then make Jordan's breakfast. Then wake Mya up, get her dressed. Okay, it's 7:29am...okay, let's get in the far so good. And we are off. By this time it's 7:38am and we start our drive. of course I get behind the slowest people in Arkansas. Seriously people, don't you want to get where you are going at a decent time? I mean you are obviously going to work or school so push the pedal to the metal...seriously, if you don't have somewhere to be you should be in bed sleeping. So we pull into the middle school parking lot (about a block from jordan's school..where i have to park every morning to walk him into school). 7:55am. Whew! we made it. So I get him into school. We walk down the hall way and there were kids everywhere...they were scattering around like a bunch of little ants. Seriously, they were ALL OVER! Mason was in my arms waving happily at everyone. I said my good bye to Jordan and gave him a hug and a kiss. Now it's time to go home. That's right..I have an eye appointment today at when we get home we have 15 minutes to eat breakfast then we have to leave and head to walmart for my appointment. Mya eats her breakfast. I get everything in the diaper bag and get all the kids buckled back in the car. Good, we have 10 minutes until my appointment. That will give us 6 minutes to get there and 4 to walk in. I put my key in the ignition and.....and.....and....NOTHING. No sound of it even trying to start. WHAT?!?!? This can't be happening. So I take a deep breath and take the key out and try again. I mean, i must have done something wrong...just 15 minutes ago it was working just fine. Nope, nothing again. The radio came the battery couldn't be dead, right? Then I start to panic. Who cares about my eye was I going to get Jordan at 3pm today? I call Ryan. He kept telling me maybe I didn't have it all the way in park. But I did. I start to cry. I'm freaking out. So he says he'll call his grandpa who just rencently moved here (praise God!) to come and look at it. So he comes. He tries to charge the battery. That does nothing. The battery was find. The starter was brand new a few months ago. That wasn't it. Then he starts to jiggle the fuses and then he tries and...VOILA! it started! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!! He said the starter fuse was loose. I am SOOOO thankful that is all it was. Ryan is in Florida and it was a stress I didn't want to have to deal with without him here. So now I think I might go to the jeep dealership and get a new starter fuse to have on hand incase there is something wrong with it. I'm just happy it's running now. My whole morning was shot...but at least it's working now. Mason is napping right now and Mya is watching "wow, wow Wubzy". I am trying to get motivated to clean out jordan's closet but the way my morning has went...I think I might just relax. I also need to schedule another eye appointment seeing as I can hardly see out of my contacts..I am in desperate need of new ones!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Ballerina

I was SO excited. Today was Mya's first day of dance class. She is taking a dance class that includes Ballet, Tap & tumbling every Wednesday morning. I was SO excited for her to start. She was very excited too. I was a little nervous about her going in the class without me. The parents can watch from a mirror, we can't actually be in the room. But she did GREAT! She went right in and participated great. Actually EXCELLENT! I must say, she's got quite the technique! I'm not just saying that because she's my little girl. She really did every thing great. She did everything exactly like the teacher was showing her. It actually got me a little choked up...I seriously almost cried. She was SO cute. It's something I waited for for so long. To have a little girl in dance. Since it was/is something I love and have had a love for since I was 4 yrs old. I bought her a tu-tu that is beautiful. I don't have a picture of her in it yet because they kept it at her dance studio to take it in a bit in the waist so next week i'll have pictures of her in her tu-tu but for now i just have pictures of her showing her moves before we left for class. I am so excited though for her recital which isn't until May 16th though. But I know it will be great!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A sad Good-bye

This morning was filled with tears. Ryan had to leave for work. He's an insurance adjuster and as many of you know Hurricane Gustav hit Louisana yesterday. He has to drive to Waco, TX for some meetings and then he will get assigned his claims and head to LA, UNLESS hurricane Hanna hits the U.S. he might have to go and work those claims. But anyways...this morning. It was SO sad. The kids were so sad. Jordan's eyes welled up with tears. I know he didn't want to cry but he couldn't hold it in. Mason, not quite sure what was going on, just kept waving "Bye-bye" and squealing with delight. He just thought it was a fun game of saying "bye-bye". It's one thing if we knew when he would be returning but that is just it. We don't. It could be a month or it could be three!. We just don't know. It's so hard. This job sucks actually. But it's what we need him to do right now for us financially. We keep telling ourselves "it will be worth it in the end!" and it will. I have peace about it. I'm not so worried about me, being by myself taking care of the kids alone. I can do it, it's not a problem. I'm just sad about not having Ryan here with me. I feel sad for the kids not having him there. I'm sad for him, that he'll miss Mya's first dance class, or Jordan's first soccer game or Mason's first step (which I've already told myself that I will not try to have Mason start walking..i don't want him to start without ryan here!). All around, it's just sad. But we will get thru it. I know we will. It's only for a time, a season. This isn't going to be forever. It's just what we need right now. I know God will have his hand on us and our family. I trust Him.