Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Ballerina

I was SO excited. Today was Mya's first day of dance class. She is taking a dance class that includes Ballet, Tap & tumbling every Wednesday morning. I was SO excited for her to start. She was very excited too. I was a little nervous about her going in the class without me. The parents can watch from a mirror, we can't actually be in the room. But she did GREAT! She went right in and participated great. Actually EXCELLENT! I must say, she's got quite the technique! I'm not just saying that because she's my little girl. She really did every thing great. She did everything exactly like the teacher was showing her. It actually got me a little choked up...I seriously almost cried. She was SO cute. It's something I waited for for so long. To have a little girl in dance. Since it was/is something I love and have had a love for since I was 4 yrs old. I bought her a tu-tu that is beautiful. I don't have a picture of her in it yet because they kept it at her dance studio to take it in a bit in the waist so next week i'll have pictures of her in her tu-tu but for now i just have pictures of her showing her moves before we left for class. I am so excited though for her recital which isn't until May 16th though. But I know it will be great!


lori bunk said...

it's a mini-shawna lou! so cute!

One Thing... said...

I remember when you were doing ballet in college and you smacked your foot into that bookshelf. That is cute she is in dance like her momma was. Very sweet.

Lillian said...

So precious!!