Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm offically a worn out "soccer mom"!!

I am EXHAUSTED from today and just this whole week. I guess I am finding out what the term "Soccer Mom" is. I believe I am one now! All I need is my mini van, which is coming in the upcoming months. I have spent more time in my vehicle this week than I ever have! It's crazy. Here is a run down of this past week:

Monday: Bring Jordan to and from school (it takes me 20 min each way to and from the school..20 min there in the morn and 20 back home..then I do it again in the afternoon!!)
Mya- Soccer at 6pm.

Tuesday: Bring Jordan to and from school; Jordan-Soccer 5:30pm

Wednesday: Bring Jordan to and from school; Mya-dance 9:30am-10:30am

Thursday: Bring jordan to & from school, bring Mya to library for story time; go out to lunch with a friend; Jordan-soccer practice 5:30pm.

Friday: Bring jordan to school, go to breakfast at the donut shop with Mya (it's becoming our friday morning tradition), go to some garage sales, find a great deal on a nice twin bed for Mya, go back home, have ryan's grandpa bring me BACK to the garage sale (which by the way is 20 min away) to get the bed with his truck, go back home unload it. Quickly take a shower(planned on taking one in the a.m. after garage saling but didn't get to it till the afternoon!) then rush out the door to pick up Jordan from school; right from school run to Las Fajitas(our fav mexican restaurant..i could eat there EVERYDAY!) to meet Ryan's grandparents and Aunt for dinner, then go to walmart then FINALLY go HOME!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!!

I am so worn out. To make it worse, my jeep is in the shop and won't be done till monday or tuesday. I'm so thankful the church has a car for me to use, but it's so small and it's hard to fit us all in there. I'm ready for my jeep grand cherekee back...i'm even more ready for my mini van..i see now why SO many mothers have them. :) Tomorrow is my day to catch up on the housework. Then in the afternoon Jordan has a birthday party to go to. Then Sunday is church AND then comes Monday and we start ALL over again! I like being busy and I LOVE taking my kids to stuff. I'm having a blast watching them play soccer and watching Mya do dance. It's all I want to do, just watch them have a blast! It's what I've been looking forward to. It just all started at once. I went from hardly leaving the house all week except to go to church and to get groceries to hardly ever being home! If this is what being a "soccer mom" is ....then I'm loving it! (except for the exhaustion...i'm hoping i'll get used to it with time!)

I"M EXHAUSTED! Not only am I tired from all that but in between there

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