Friday, September 5, 2008

A great way to end a not so great day...

It was so nice spending the evening with my kids. It started out at dinner. We ate dinner together. It was nice but we were missing someone very special. Ryan. He is a very important staple in this family and dinner just wasn't the same without him here. But he did end up calling at the end of dinner so it was nice talking to him. Then the kids talked to him via webcam. Mason was able to show him how he can clap his hands now! Then after that I cleaned up dinner and the kids played. Then it was bathtime. I love how soft and clean the kids feel after all the day's dirt is scrubbed off of them! They were all so cuddley in their pj's. Then we read a Bible story. Then it was movie night. The kids wanted to watch "Spykids". So I made them popcorn and fruit punch and they got all snuggled up on the floor to watch their movie. What a great way to end the night! I love my Kids!

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