Friday, September 26, 2008

A make-up artist in the making

So, just a few minutes ago I was rocking Mason back to sleep and Mya was still awake and being really quiet in my I called her name. She came out to me with SUPER shiny lips. She found my lip gloss and put it all over her lips and all around them. I asked her what she had on and she said, "your lip gloss!". Then she said, "now I look just like a Barbie!". Then I said, "Hold on...let me put mason in bed and I'll take your picture!". Then she asked, "why, because I look Bootiful?"--that is how she says beautiful. So I took a couple of pics. I know you really can't see how shiny her face was...but it was sure shiny..i think she used half of the tube of lip gloss. That is not all...her cheeks are brown from my bronzer. Now, as I'm typing she is asking me to come and watch her do her make-up and she just brought me my foundation and asked where that goes on. That is my clue to get off the computer and watch her...who knows what she would be doing next!!! AHH!!!


Lillian said...

And she does look bootiful!!

lori bunk said...

i love that! so cute!