Saturday, August 23, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Last night we got free tickets to go the Naturals baseball game (our minor league team). We thought it would a relaxing family event. Turns out that when you have a 5 yr old who has been in school all day, a 3 yr old who was over tired and an 8 month old baby, a baseball game isn't all it's cracked up to be!!! It was good for the 1st 30 min. We all sat and actually watched the game. Then jordan was thirsty so I went to go get something. I stood in line for 20 minutes and never moved. So I gave up. A drink wasn't that important, to me that jordan it was a different story. Then we needed to take a trip to the bathroom. I first changed Mason, then brought him back out to Ryan, then went and changed Mya, then brought her out to Ryan, THEN took Jordan in with me so we could both go to the bathroom! About 20 minutes later we were done with our bathroom break! Then the kids wanted to play on the playground they had there which kinda defeated the purpose of going to a baseball couldn't even watch from there. But we took the kids...there were TONS of kids on there and lots of older kids. It was too hard to keep track of ours so we decided to go back and watch the game. That didn't go over very well with our very cranky kids! After about 20 more minutes of watching the game we decided to go home. There were suppose to be fireworks at the end but we were only in the 7th inning and neither Ryan or I wanted to wait any longer. So we headed home. All 3 kids were alseep after about 5 minutes. Our drive home was about 35 minutes. Here are a few pictures that I took just so I had a slight memory of us being at the game that night!

Another sign he's growing up...

Tonight really made me see that Jordan was really growing up. He spent his birthday money on a VIDEO GAME....he bought some safari game for Wii. He is getting too big. I remember when he was a baby and Ryan would play playstation and he would say, "oh when jordan gets older, watch out..we will be playing Football on here all the time!" I would always say, "oh that is SO far off". Well, the day arrived. Tonight I watched as Daddy and his buddy played a video game together. My baby boy has truely grown up now!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First day of school

Today was Jordan's 1st day of school...Kindergarten. I can't believe it. I have so many emotions and feelings running thru me right now. I'm happy for him because I know how excited he is and how he loves learning. I'm sad because he is my baby and starting school is a sign of growing up. I'm also worried about him. He is such a little kid and school seems SO BIG! I feel like he's going to get lost. But then the I think, "shawna, they aren't going to just let kindergarteners go off by themselves". I know that but i have to keep reminding myself that. Then i'm worried he'll have to use the bathroom but not want to ask and then have an accident. I'm also worried he will get carried away with talking and get in trouble his first day (he likes to socialize a little too much!). I'm also worried he won't have enough milk with his lunch. I'm worried he won't have a sip of milk left to wash down his last bite of food. I'm also worried he's going to get food all over his clothes and look messy. I'm worried he'll fall on the playground. I'm worried he will be really hungry before lunch. I'm worried he'll spill his drink at snack time since he's used to using sippy cups at home. AHHH...i could keep listing my worries! Am I a freak? What is wrong with me? Why am I so worried? He is only 5 yrs old...I've NEVER left him with anyone other than family now i feel like I'm abandoning him and leaving him with a stranger all day. Besides being all worried, I am really excited for him. I can't wait to pick him up at 3pm and hear all about his day. I am proud of myself though, I didn't cry. I did get choked up though once we got in the school and I could see all the little backpacks hanging on the hooks in the hallway. I never thought this day would come and here it is. My baby is growing up. I get to do this again in 2 years and then again in 5 yrs...I think i need to keep having babies so I will always have one at home with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, now i'm off to go grocery shopping with only 2 kids!!!!!! That will seem so strange to me!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The wrath of the Purple crayon

I took out the sheets out of the dryer and what do you know...I noticed a purple spot on my sheets...didn't think much of it...then I looked and everything was covered with purple crayon. It melted in the dryer and got on everything. Not the biggest deal since it was just our sheets which don't even match our comforter and are kinda old and then jordan's plan blue sheet was in there...totally replaceable BUT Mya's beautiful baby blanket...the beautiful pink/off white french toile comforter that she had since she was born, it was in her crib (well, she didn't acutally use it to sleep with when she was an infant..but her sheets and bumper pad matched it) and she still uses it on her toddler bed now. It had purple crayon ALL OVER IT! I was SO sad...I found a few things that might work on getting it now i get to start that project! Oh what fun! I will definelty be on the lookout for crayons from now on..i don't even know how it got in there. I'm thinking it was in jordan's sheets because I also found 2 of his space men in there. So yeah, not a good laundry day.

Oh and get this...we just bought a whole new set of dishes, real nice ones. The first real nice set we've had while we've been married. I love them and we have glass drinking glasses that match and just look real nice. So today Ryan asked for a glass of tea. (we have this instant tea) so I poured cold water in the glass. Then scooped the tea and as I started to stir the bottom of the glass busted...completely cracked and tea was everywhere. I couldn't believe it! So i cleaned everything up. I was angry and sad at the same time. Then i thought we better go and buy a few more glasses in case one ever breaks again. I was thinking that we plan on having these dishes FOREVER so i'd better get a few more...i mean, another one is bound to break in the next 50 years. WELL, a few hours later, Ryan asked for another glass of tea...SOOOO I put the water in the glass and as SOON as I scooped the tea in the glass busted...GLASS #2!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan and I just stood there in complete shock. What was going on? The glass wasn't hot. I could see glass doing that if I just took it out of the hot dishwasher or something and then put cold water, it had been in the cabinet for over a was room temperature. The water was cold, but not freezing or anything..just your normal cool water. I still don't know what to think about this. I'm scared to ever use another that is for sure. We have used them before though, for tea, water, milk, I just don't get it...why did 2 break today? I'm so confused.

So was quite the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it's midnight..TIME FOR BED! GOOD NIGHT! :)

A VERY quick update's been awhile since i wrote a blog...i've been busy...traveling mostly. We were in WI for a week and then the 2 days it took to pack and the 2 days of for almost 2 weeks I was very busy with that. We had a great time in was SO nice seeing my family and friends. I miss them so much. But by the end of the week, as sad as i was to say good-bye, I was ready to head back to my home. Now we are home...everything is unpacked, laundry is caught up and my newest project is organizing the entire house...from the inside I've been cleaning out closets and just getting organized. Oh and we are also getting Jordan ready for school on Monday. Tonight we go and meet his teacher. Then Monday is the big day! baby boy is starting kindergarten. Now is when we will actually be in a real routine. I have to actually every day get up (well, i get up every day...but you know how it is when you don't have to actually be anywhere) and get him out the door every weekday morning! I will be driving him to school and the school is about 15 minutes away. So it's going to be an adjustment for all of us. I'm excited because I know he is excited but i'm also nervous. He doesn't seem old enough to be gone to school all day. My little baby, out in the big world without me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'd better stop before I get teary eyed! Now it's time to get back to organizing...