Saturday, August 23, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Last night we got free tickets to go the Naturals baseball game (our minor league team). We thought it would a relaxing family event. Turns out that when you have a 5 yr old who has been in school all day, a 3 yr old who was over tired and an 8 month old baby, a baseball game isn't all it's cracked up to be!!! It was good for the 1st 30 min. We all sat and actually watched the game. Then jordan was thirsty so I went to go get something. I stood in line for 20 minutes and never moved. So I gave up. A drink wasn't that important, to me that jordan it was a different story. Then we needed to take a trip to the bathroom. I first changed Mason, then brought him back out to Ryan, then went and changed Mya, then brought her out to Ryan, THEN took Jordan in with me so we could both go to the bathroom! About 20 minutes later we were done with our bathroom break! Then the kids wanted to play on the playground they had there which kinda defeated the purpose of going to a baseball couldn't even watch from there. But we took the kids...there were TONS of kids on there and lots of older kids. It was too hard to keep track of ours so we decided to go back and watch the game. That didn't go over very well with our very cranky kids! After about 20 more minutes of watching the game we decided to go home. There were suppose to be fireworks at the end but we were only in the 7th inning and neither Ryan or I wanted to wait any longer. So we headed home. All 3 kids were alseep after about 5 minutes. Our drive home was about 35 minutes. Here are a few pictures that I took just so I had a slight memory of us being at the game that night!

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Lillian said...

Aww I can't blame them for their squirmy-ness. I'm not a fan of watching just moves too slowly. (Most of the time).

Your kids are adorable!!