Thursday, August 14, 2008

The wrath of the Purple crayon

I took out the sheets out of the dryer and what do you know...I noticed a purple spot on my sheets...didn't think much of it...then I looked and everything was covered with purple crayon. It melted in the dryer and got on everything. Not the biggest deal since it was just our sheets which don't even match our comforter and are kinda old and then jordan's plan blue sheet was in there...totally replaceable BUT Mya's beautiful baby blanket...the beautiful pink/off white french toile comforter that she had since she was born, it was in her crib (well, she didn't acutally use it to sleep with when she was an infant..but her sheets and bumper pad matched it) and she still uses it on her toddler bed now. It had purple crayon ALL OVER IT! I was SO sad...I found a few things that might work on getting it now i get to start that project! Oh what fun! I will definelty be on the lookout for crayons from now on..i don't even know how it got in there. I'm thinking it was in jordan's sheets because I also found 2 of his space men in there. So yeah, not a good laundry day.

Oh and get this...we just bought a whole new set of dishes, real nice ones. The first real nice set we've had while we've been married. I love them and we have glass drinking glasses that match and just look real nice. So today Ryan asked for a glass of tea. (we have this instant tea) so I poured cold water in the glass. Then scooped the tea and as I started to stir the bottom of the glass busted...completely cracked and tea was everywhere. I couldn't believe it! So i cleaned everything up. I was angry and sad at the same time. Then i thought we better go and buy a few more glasses in case one ever breaks again. I was thinking that we plan on having these dishes FOREVER so i'd better get a few more...i mean, another one is bound to break in the next 50 years. WELL, a few hours later, Ryan asked for another glass of tea...SOOOO I put the water in the glass and as SOON as I scooped the tea in the glass busted...GLASS #2!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan and I just stood there in complete shock. What was going on? The glass wasn't hot. I could see glass doing that if I just took it out of the hot dishwasher or something and then put cold water, it had been in the cabinet for over a was room temperature. The water was cold, but not freezing or anything..just your normal cool water. I still don't know what to think about this. I'm scared to ever use another that is for sure. We have used them before though, for tea, water, milk, I just don't get it...why did 2 break today? I'm so confused.

So was quite the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it's midnight..TIME FOR BED! GOOD NIGHT! :)

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