Friday, January 2, 2009

My counter looks like a pharmacy shelf!!

Last night was a rough night. I was up from 3:30am to 6am with coughing kiddos. Mya has a horrible cough and couldn't sleep because it was so bad. I gave her cough medicine..but it didn't really help...she only stopped when she did end up falling asleep. She also had a fever. Mason also had a fever and had a cough his was different than Mya's though. His was the all too familar cough that you could hear rattling in his lungs. The cough he gets all too often. So first thing this morning I made a call to the dr. They both got appointments for 2pm. We got there and by this time Mya was really sick. She wanted nothing but to lay on me. I felt so bad for her. So anyways....once again..Mason had an ear infection! I didn't even realize it. I can't believe how many he's had now. Everytime he goes he has one. Looks like he's following in his big brother's and tubes may be in his future. Mya just had a bactireal infection and the cough was from her post nasal drainage!!! They were prescribed medications to treat all their symtoms. Now I'm back up to 4 meds (he's already been taking 2 for his allergies) for Mason and 3 meds now for Mya (a prescription cough med, predisolone to help open up her air way to get rid of the cough and an antibiotic for the infection). On top of all that..I'm giving them Motrin for the fever! I was lining out all the meds and reading up on them so i knew who gets what and when. I just had to take a picture for blog purposes! My counter looked like a shelf in a pharmacy!! I'm exhausted from today. I spent 2 hrs at the dr office and then another 2 1/2 hrs at Walmart waiting on the scrips. Ugh...mason's were ready when we got there...they were just waiting to fill Mya's. So I walked around WM while it was filling. Then stood in line (which by the way, i've NEVER seen so many people in the pharmacy line..i swear EVERYONE was either sick or just getting their regular meds filled and may i also mention..I saw TONS of motorized scooters in that line, sorry, i just made that observation! LOL) to pick them up and they STILL weren't done. I did this about 3 times...FINALLY at 5:30pm, they were filled. For some reason they kept skipping over filling her meds. If i would have known it would have taken that long, I would have just went home and sent ryan for them later on. But I did arrive home to a pleasent surprise..Ryan had made dinner and also started a load of laundry that I needed to do. All without me having to ask. So that was a pleasant surprise. Okay, i'm tired. Time for bed! I'm hoping the kids sleep better tonight for all our sake. We all need the sleep.


lori bunk said...

sleep tight... you need it!

denise said...

poor kids!

Funny thing, I have half of that on my counter too, and it seems normal now. that is just how this winter has been :) We have the albuterol, donatussin (LOVE IT), azithromycin, and flovent. That's a slow week - LOL!!!

Get a great nap today!!!