Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not doing so hot...again

Okay, so yesterday I went to the Dr....got to hear the heartbeat! YAY! That was exciting to actually hear some sort of life rather than just feeling sick and "knowing" i'm pregnant..it was reassuring knowing there really is life growing inside of me. Everything sounded and looked good. Talked to the dr about getting Zofran which is the prescription I took when I was pregnant with Mya and it worked WONDERFUL. No sickness and no side effects. So i was PUMPED beyond words to know I was finally going to get that relief I'd been hoping for. I took a pill yesterday late afternoon when I started feeling slightly nauseated. And to my surprise..i didn't notice any relief. Then a few hours later, I felt horrible. I took another one. Then a few hours later I got super sick and threw up and fainted. It was probably the worst fainting episode i've had yet. Ryan said I was out longer than normal. Then this morning..i woke up feeling sick. Took some more medicine. I just felt funny. LIke my legs felt heavy and I just couldn't get to feeling better. When it was time..i took some more. Still no relief. Then around 6pm I threw up and fainted AGAIN! I just feel weak and tired and have decided that I'm going back to taking the dramamine. At least with that I felt some relief. I don't understand why the Zofran isn't working this time. I'm just stressed and frustrated that it's Christmas and I'm doing worse than I have in weeks. I honestly need God to do a christmas miracle. I need to start feeling better all the time. I need to for myself, for my kids and for Ryan.

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