Friday, December 5, 2008


A few days ago, I took Mason to the Dr because he had been coughing close to 2 weeks and I could now hear it in his chest. We all had colds but we got over ours and I thought he would too but since he wasn't seeming to get over it I decided to take him in. And I'm glad I did. Turns out he had another ear infection so he's on antibiotics for that. He was already on singular for the past 2 months and actually needs to take that all winter for his allergies. He always has watery eyes and a runny nose because of allergies. Now he is also on a steroid to help open up his airway so he can cough all the gunk out. And now I have to do breathing treatments on him 2 times a day for 30 days. The home medical equiptment people brought a nebulizer to our house and showed me how to use it. I don't think anyone realizes how difficult it is to get an 11 month old to sit still and breathe in medicine for 15 minutes! He has a mask but won't keep that on. They told me i could wave it in front of his face until the medicine is gone so that is what I've been doing. At first he pushes it away and tries running away from it. But now I think we got it down! Ryan holds him and gets him interested in some books and I sit there and wave that in front of his nose and mouth. He tries pushing me away at first but then just kinda forgets about me being there and just looks at his books. we've only done 4 so far and i'm about to start his first one for today! I'm hoping after the 30 days we can be done with this. He was diagnosed with acute bronchospasm. Wasn't exactly sure what that was and the dr said his airway and lungs are constricted but then looked it up and it basically means "asthma". He will be re-evaluated in 30 days. I'm just hoping that these treatments help him and it's not something we have to continue. I don't have a picture of Mason acutally doing a treatment but I have this picture of him trying on the mask!


Marti Jo said...

I have babysat several small kids who have to use those nebulizers. One parent had me wave it in front of his face but that's kind of a pain. The other two would do it close to bed time and put on a movie (like a short one that wasn't too hyped up) and have them sit on the couch and do the nebulizer. One of the kids would often almost fall asleep b/c the nebulizer made him tired. This same kid had one where the face mask was the shape of a dinosaur and he LOVED that! :o)

denise said...

you know, Dalton has had one since he was 3 months. He HATES the mask and just uses the adult attachment and holds it in his mouth. Don't fight putting the mask on him if he hates it, just hold it there. Also, you can put a blanket over yous and his head. It keeps it enclosed so you don't have to have it right up to his face, and he is still getting the meds.