Monday, December 1, 2008

I need to get my Christmas on

Okay, so it's Dec 1st...and there is NO sign of christmas in the Beers' household. Not because we are scrooges..not at ALL! It's just well, since I'm pregnant and this is my 1st trimester I am SUPER tired and sick on and off. Especially in the evenings so I don't have the energy to put into getting everything out or the energy to have every spot in the living tidy and orderly so I can see where to put the christmas decorations. My MAIN motivation breaker though can be summed up in one word....MASON....!!!!!! As I write this I am constantly moving him from the front of the tv because he keeps pushing it on and off while the kids are watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (okay, i guess there is a little christmas in our tv shows! LOL). He is into EVERYTHING these days. I can not keep up with him and I can only imagine what our tree will go thru when Mason gets his hands on it!!!!!!!!! Even with the bottom half not decorated...those poor tree limbs (it's a fake tree by the way!) And to buy a baby gate fence for around it...we don't have the money for that just to use for this one month. So that is a big motivation breaker for me....I know..i need to get my "Christmas" on....and I will. I am prepping myself for it this weekend...WE WILL HAVE OUR TREE UP THIS WEEKEND! But until then...I'm going to enjoy every minute of not having to chase him away from the tree. Now next Christmas should be an easier one since Mason will be 2 and at least know how to listen to us...somewhat. And the baby will only be like 6 months old. Then I need to pray that the next Christmas that Baby #4 doesn't follow in Mason's footsteps. He has definetly been my most "getting into everything" child!!!! But on a positive note...Mason is also my most lovey and cuddly baby. He definetly makes up for his getting into everything with TONS of snuggles!!!! So you can expect a blog next weekend with christmas decoration pictures and I'm sure a few stories about Mason getting into the tree!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until then...Hope everyone is having fun getting ready for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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