Thursday, November 20, 2008

more ramblings.... I've decided that after I have this baby I'm going to be anorexic....not to lose weight but just because I don't EVER want to eat again! ugh. Of course I'm kidding. But I'm SO tired of thinking of food. It's like I have to force myself to eat and think about what to eat constantly. I don't get a break from it. Just when I think my stomach might feel full..nope, i get that hunger pain again which only makes the nausea worse.

Also, I'm praying that my teeth don't rot out while I'm pregnant. I have the HARDEST time brushing my teeth. I do it..but not like I should be and everytimeI use the toothbrush it makes me gag and when I gag...bad things happen.

This show that is on TV right now that Mya is watching "yo Gabba Gabba" Is making me feel more nausaus...seriously...the show makes me think back to when I was pregnant with Mason and she used to watch it every day when I was as sick as could be on the now I associate that show with feelings of nausea. So weird.

Saturday is my birthday. Ryan and I were suppose to go out to dinner. I asked him if we could in the afternoon just cuz I have a better chance that I'll feel okay. I am praying that I at least feel good that day.

okay, mason is awake in his bed from an early nap...better go and get him.


Marti Jo said...

Hi Shawna- So sorry you are feelign so lousy. I remember reading similar blogs a year or so ago with Mason. I can't believe he is 11 months already!
I'll be praying that you feel better very soon and can enjoy your pregnancy!
Are you living in Arkansas now? I can't remember...

Shawna Beers said...

Yup...very similar blogs when I was prego with Mason...I know, so crazy he's 11 months old!!! Yes, we are still in AR..we've been here a year and a half now! We love it here! :)