Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tomorrow is thanksgiving & today I'm thankful for...

Tomorrow is thanksgiving and I doubt I'll have time to write this blog so while I sit here and eat my banana I thought I would write this blog.

Things I'm thankful for: (this isn't going to be this big, deep blog..just simple things)

1. The fact that I'm typing this...i'm feeling pretty good today!
2. That jordan has the rest of the week off of school (i get to spend extra time with AND we don't have to make that 20 minute trip to and from his school numourus times a day!!!)
3. cider donuts (thanks to Ashley & Ryan's mom for bringing them to us last night!)
4. My kids are playing nicely together right now..ALL 3 of them!
5. The fact that I can get in on black Friday sales without leaving my house at ungodly hours of morning--Ryan does that for me! :)
6. That i get to eat a thanksgiving feast tomorrow!! (i've been craving that type of food for a month now!!)
7. That the temp is going to be like 60 degrees tomorrow...
8. That I have a great cashier at Walgreens that always makes sure I pay hardly ANYTHING and get a great deal!
9. Free samples in the mail (gotta love anything free!!!!!!!!!!!)
10. And of wonderful husband, my terrific precious kids, the baby in my belly, and our extended family...i love them all and of course I'm VERY thankful for all of them.
11. And of course Jesus Christ who died for me...without Him..we are all NOTHING!

There you go..the few things that I'm thankful for that popped in my head...there are many many more..but I just thought I would type a few of them. Okay, off to blow dry and straighten my hair (it's been FOREVER since I've actually done my hair...seriously..i'm just lucky to get it it's been pretty scary looking lately...and that is the main reason for no prego pictures of me floating around yet! LOL)

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