Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The news it out!

As most of you probably have heard now....Yes, Beers Baby #4 is on it's way! My estimated due date is June 18th. I haven't been to the dr yet...so I'm sure that will change a bit. And as always I'm sure I'll be induced early so i'm thinking at the beginning of June we'll have the baby! But that is SO far off. Oh how I wish it was in the near future. This part of pregnancy is SO hard on me. I get SO sick and just feel miserable. I'm tired of thinking about food. I'm tired of trying to find food to eat and to constantly eat so my stomach doesn't get empty. And even with my biggest efforts, I still manage to get sick and throw up occassionally. I'm SO worn out and tired all the time. My house is a disaster. Which just stresses me out even more. I just lay on the couch and wish I had someone there that I could just sit and tell them what to do with everything and just put it away! Luckily Ryan has been a big help. The other night he cleaned the living room and kitchen for me! Even scrubbed the kitchen floor! And did laundry! What a blessing that was!!!!!!!!Even though I cried the whole time because I felt bad because that is what I should be doing! Oh, I'm a mess these days! LOL! It's hard chasing after Mason. He is at the stage where he gets into EVERYTHING! I have made baracades so he can't reach the tv and change the channels or shut it off from the tv...or so he can't get behind the chair and unplug the light!!! I look forward to the nights when the kids will be in bed but when the evening approaches, all I can think about it going to bed. I get SO tired that I go to bed as soon as the kids are in bed. It's all going to be worth it in the end. It's just hard to see that end result right now. I don't have a picture to go along with this blog because a belly shot would look funny right now..it would just be of my normal chub I had before I was pregnant this time! The chub I have never lost after having Mason! So I'll save the pictures for in the future!


One Thing... said...

Congratulations Shawna!!!!! That is so exciting! I am sorry you get so sick and have such a hard time. I wish I could take that part away from your pregnancy. If you want to name your next baby after me I won't be mad or anything. I love you!

lori bunk said...

we are going to name you "shawna-the-baby-making-machine"!
love you!