Saturday, March 27, 2010

After three...

Yesterday my husband reminded me of something that was said to us almost 7 years ago. We had just moved to Stephenville, TX and I was pregnant with our first baby. We went into the local bank to open a checking account and the lady that worked there was telling us that she had 4 kids. I remember Ryan and I saying, "wow, four that is alot!". She told us this: "After you have 3 it doesn't get any harder with a 4th! It doesn't seem any different". I do have to say that I agree with her. Once you adjust to having 2 or 3 adding more doesn't make anything seem more difficult! I wish I could go and visit that lady today and tell her that we learned first hand what she was talking about. She would probably be shocked to know we now have 4 children as well!

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