Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Break??!?!

It's summer. Normally that meant not having to think about school at all. Enjoying every day without a routine. I'm finding myself thinking about "school" more than any other summer. First of all, we haven't technically finished school yet. We took a break. It was not intentional. It just kinda happened. I was in need of a break. I was burnt out. The summer sun was making school seem like a chore. The summer sun was also making the kids not want to be bogged down by a routine and schedule. So we just took a hiatus. A break. A much needed re-grouping period. Next week we are going to resume with only a little math left and some language arts and of course reading. But the reading will be for fun mostly. But even on this break I am constantly thinking about school. I'm making curriculum choices for the Jordan's 2nd grade school year and for Mya's kindergarten. I wanted to go with something different than what we had. I went back and forth between piecing together all different types of curriculum or just going with a complete set. Ryan and I have researched all types of curriculum choices. I ended up finding what I think will work good for my kids this next school year. We have decided to go with Bob Jones Curriculum. It's a christian based curriculum that is used in lots of christian schools. I love the information and I think it's what we were looking for. I went to a used curriculum sale and to my surprise I found the phonics and reading teacher's guides for Mya's kindergarten. I paid $30. To buy the same thing new would be more than that for ONE book. I got 3 for that price. I just need to buy the student workbook that goes with that. I also just bought Jordan's social studies off of ebay for $12.99 for the student text and teacher's guide! SCORE! The teacher book alone was $57 new! So now I"m just piecing together the whole curriculum set for a fraction of the cost. The only new books we will have to purchase will most likely be the workbooks that they will write in. Then once I get all the books in my hands then comes the REAL work. Going thru it and planning for the school year. I want to have a definete plan in place. It didn't go as smoothly as I wanted by just preparing the night before. So even though this is summer. I have NO break in mind. I can't get school off the brain! I am excited for the new school year and to have more of a routine and be involved in a local homeschool group as well. It's going to be a good 2010/2011 school year!


NanaDiana said...

I think you will like the Bob Jones study plan. We have several friends that used it with their own kids. Isn't it amazing that we never really stop planning our lives around our chldren's best interests? And, guess what? When they are grown and gone you will still be feeling the same way. Hope you have SOME fun this summer though!

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