Friday, April 1, 2011

Crunchy as a Carrot???

When I hear the word "Crunchy" I usually think of it as a word to describe a texture. You know, like when you are describing a carrot perhaps? Example: This carrot is crunchy. Crunchy is the opposite of soggy. Am I right???

Crunchy, a very simple word to define. So I thought. I didn't think about it having too many other meanings. So here's my question..

How on EARTH did the word "crunchy" become a word to mean someone who is "green"? You know, the tree huggers, eco-friendly, natural type people. Just a thought. I'm just curious. I googled it. I can't seem to find that out. It's just odd to me. I mean, who thinks of those words like that to use to "label" people? I mean, there has to be a story as to how the word "crunchy" became a slang word for being "earth friendly". Maybe I'm just not the brightest and don't see the obvious connection. Maybe it's spelled out as clear as can be. But to's as clear as mud. Maybe someday I'll be embarrassed of this post. Maybe a light will go off in my head and I'll totally "get" it. Here is an example of that happening to me before.

It did take me QUITE sometime to realize what the term "BOGO" meant. I thought it was an actual "style" of something. You know, how Payless Shoes would advertise their "BOGO sale"??? I used think it was some "style" of shoe. Then one day the light went off in my head and I realized it ment Buy One Get One free. I couldn't believe I didn't get that sooner. I can't believe I just admitted that. Embarrassing. But I felt I needed to put that in there just in case some day down the road the light goes off and I realize why the word "crunchy" makes PERFECT sense to describe these tree huggers, eco-friendly, natural type people.

The only connection I can possibly see is this: Did they choose that word because..I don't know...veggies are usually crunchy. Veggies come from the earth...therefore they are crunchy and so are people who are earth friendly???? I seriously don't get it. I just want to understand. It's one of those things that bugs me. And the only reason I decided this needed a whole post was because I have heard this term quite a bit the past few weeks. So it got my wheels in my head "thinking". Scary, I know.

Just a disclaimer: I am not against being "crunchy". Heck, I possess quite a few "crunchy" characteristics myself. I am very much into getting back to the basics with simple living, living off the land, doing things more "natural". I haven't completely changed over to be 100% earth friendly (mainly due to convenience and finances) but I would LOVE to be able to do that some day. I am really interested in things that are more "natural". I make my own household cleaners and laundry detergent. I like to find ways to "re-use" things instead of throwing them out. I can't wait to have a garden to be able to grow my family's food. Etc. So I guess I'm on the road to being "crunchy". Just wish I knew why the heck such a strange word to describe it. Like being "green" isn't strange enough of a word to describe being "earth friendly". But at least it KINDA makes sense.(but does it REALLY)? Crunchy..I just don't get it.


NanaDiana said...

Well, here is what someone told me once. Crunchy was used because "tree huggers" (also known as green people and USED to be called GRANOLAS) are called that because they tend to be vegetarians and eat a "crunchy" diet- so you are on the right track there with the carrot thing..and they "crunch and munch" on lettuce and other greens. That might not be the right info but that is what I heard.

Now..BOGO...I did NOT get it either...I thought..what the heck are all these BOGO brands coming from? lol Maybe because we are Midwesterners at heart we are a bit slow on the uptake? Have a great weekend, sweetie! xxoo Diana

denise said...

I agree with NanaDiana. I think it comes from them being called Granolas.

Hannah said...

Yep, it's "crunchy" referring to granola. Which is why you might hear "soggy" as the opposite. :) And I always have to laugh a little when I actually make homemade granola, as I feel like I'm just living up to the stereotype perfectly, ha!

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