Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Walgreens Trip 5/22/11

YES..I was FINALLY able to make it to a Walgreens on a Sunday and score some deals before they were out of stock in everything I wanted. I usually get the newpaper on Sunday and read thru the Walgreens ad. I find things that I think are a good deal. I get my coupons together and head there on Tuesday. And usually end up leaving there without anything or half of what I came to buy. So this week I scoped out the ad online BEFORE even buying my newspaper. I figured up what I wanted to buy and went there. SCORE! I was able to do 2 transactions. (I'll tell you everything I got in the next paragraph). After going grocery shopping and getting my newspaper I went home. I went thru my coupons and walgreens ad again and decided to make another Walgreens run. This time to do 4 transactions. I had it all written out what I wanted. I walked in and 10 minutes later I had my cart full of everything I was going to get. I checked out and was out of there with everything I set out to buy! I was so happy. Finally success at Walgreens!

Sorry if this bores you. I hope this encourges you to start shopping the deals and creating your own stockpile! I used to have a HUGE stockpile of all kinds of items we used all the time (especially one point in time I Had 3 kids in diapers at the same time so we went thru TONS of diapers!)but those items have been used and my stockpile has disappeared. I have started it back up again! I will now list out each transaction:

Trans #1:
Carefree pantyliners = 1.99 used a 99cent walgreens in-store coupon and a $1.00 manufacterer's coupon making them FREE.
Complete multi-purpose contact solution = $7.99
Total out of pocket with tax = $8.73 received an $8 register reward (RR) coupon to use on next walgreens purchase.

Trans #2:
Tone Body Wash = $3.99
4 Suavital fabric softners (one is $2.99 and they were buy one get one free) = $5.98
I used my $8 RR coupon from previous purchase.
Total out of pocket with tax = $2.89 received a $3 RR from the tone body wash to use on next purchase.

(my second trip)
Trans #1
Complete multi-purpose contact solution= $7.99
I used my $3.00 RR from previous purchase.
Total out of pocket with tax = $5.73 Received $8 RR from the Complete contact solution to use on next purchase.

Trans #2
Infusium shampoo= $5.99
Tone body wash = $3.99
Scrunci hair rubberbands = $2
Used a $2 manufacturer's coupon for the infusium and $8 RR from the Complete contact solution.
Total out of pocket with tax = $3.09
Received a $2 RR from the infusium, $3 RR from the Tone and a $2 RR from the scrunci rubberbands.

Trans #3
Pure Silk shaving cream = $1.99
4 Suavital fabric softners (one is $2.99 and they were buy one get one free) = $5.98
I used the $3, $2 and $2 RR's from previous purchase.
Total out of pocket with tax = $1.71
I received a $1.50 RR from the Pure Silk

Trans #4
3 walgreens brand tin foil = $.69 each with Walgreens in-store coupon.
I used the $1.50 RR from my previous purchase
Total out of pocket with tax = $.76

Summary of my Walgreens Trips:
19 items for a total of $22.91. I estimated the total without the register rewards or coupons or buy one get one free deal to be around $65. I saved a total of $42.09!! I was very happy since all items I would buy anyway. I would just probably buy different brands (usually what is cheapest but in this case...brand name products were cheaper than the store brands!)

I could have kept going and kept rolling my register rewards but decided this was a good run and I would leave stuff on the shelves for other shoppers (as I know first hand it's VERY frustrating when people clear the shelves only a day after the sale starts - I'm not out to clear the shelves, just to get some each time to add to my stockpile)

I hope this encourages YOU to try some walgreens shopping. Or other deal shopping.


NanaDiana said...

WOW! You did good, girl. When our kids were little and we were broke I was a couponaholic. That was before couponing was as big as it is now. I would spend hours and hours cutting, clipping and redeeming coupons. It saved us a ton of money and allowed us to spend it on things we really needed. My only stipulation was that it had to be something we would actually use (like you)...and I would often leave coupons on items for others to find if it was something I was not going to purchase.

Great job! xxoo Diana

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