Friday, July 1, 2011

8 years Already?!?!?!

Eight years ago my life was changed forever. I was given a gift only God could give. Something so precious, something so delicate, something so beautiful, something so life changing. I was given the gift of motherhood.

On July 1, 2003 at 2:17pm 9 pound Jordan Lee was born. My first born. Where has the time gone? Has it REALLY been 8 years? Am I REALLY the mother of an 8 yr old. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to believe it's real.
Jordan is SUCH a blessing in my life. Because of him, my life has been changed. I could not imagine my life without him.

From little on Jordan was always my cuddle bug. He loved to snuggle. I actually remember a time when he was snuggling with and said even when he's 16 he would still lay on the couch with me and snuggle. He's half way to 16 and even though we do not actually have lots of time that we lay down and snuggle, I know he would come and sit on my lap and hug me the second I asked him to. So even though he is growing up and doesn't actually cuddle up to me like he did when he was just a few years old, I know in his heart he would in a heartbeat!
Jordan LOVES anything to do with science. He will watch it on TV, read about it, try to create it...He just loves science and not just loves it..he actually gets it..he understands it. More of it than I could ever dream of understanding. Yes, I know he's only 8! And he also has a love for history. Something I didn't pay much attention to growing up so he has taught me to now have a love for it as well. I am enjoying learning with him.
He is definetly a gamer. You of those who LOVES video games. Now, we don't let him play them constantly...nor even daily. Our Wii or playstation aren't even left out..they are put up and only taken out every now and then. But that kid can figure out ANY game. It's crazy. And the computer...WOW...he can figure out ANYTHING on it. Usually when it's messed up and I don't know what to do. I ask Jordan..and he'll figure it out! He is into computer games. I try to sway him toward the actual "learning" games which he does enjoy and likes to play, but every now and then a boy has gotta just play games. :)

Baseball. He is our baseball player. He has tried a few other sports and just wasn't into them. But baseball keeps his attention. And he's good at it! He is also into collecting sports cards. He's got SO many baseball, football and basketball cards. And he knows each team and player. He gets all that sport knowledge from his Daddy. Definetly his department and not mine. He is also into the outdoors. He dreams of going on long hikes in the wilderness. Again, that is his Daddy's department. The two of them have all kinds of dreams of the places they are going to some day hike.
He can also be a goofball and loves to goof around. He will always do things that make us say "Jordan are so crazy!" Of course we are saying that while laughing. Sometimes we are ROLLING! He is quite the character! (i'm sure he will not appreciate the following pictures of him.)
Jordan is also a good big brother. I have to tenderly remind him at times that LOTS of little eyes are watching him. Which I'm sure that is A LOT of pressure for an 8 yr old curious boy to handle. For the most part though, he TRIES to take that into consideration when he makes his choices. But over all..he's a great big brother and the other kids just LOVE him.
I love you my precious baby boy. I know you are now 8 years old but you will ALWAYS be my baby boy. No matter how old you get.
Happy 8th Birthday Jordan Lee!!!!


NanaDiana said...

Happy Birthday to you BIG baby boy! Motherhood is life changing! Happy 4th to your wonderful family! xo Diana

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