Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mommy Confessions

Here are some confessions I have as a Mommy:

1.Sometimes I eat ice cream in hiding. The laundry room is usually a safe spot. That way I don't have to share.

2.I also eat my lunch standing in the laundry room from time to time. My kids seem to find my hot pocket more exciting than their pb & j sandwich...which I don't blame them..but I want to be selfish and not share my hot pocket.

3.Sometimes I have to search thru a pile of clean clothes just to find a wash cloth to wipe off the kitchen table.

4.Sometimes I throw away legos. Are my kids really going to miss that one teeny tiny yellow square one that keeps finding its way in the corner of the kitchen floor no matter how many times I pick it up??? Nah...just toss it in the trash. DISCLAIMER: we have a HUGE box of random legos that don't really go with any lego sets we have. My kiddos are pretty good at keeping all the pieces to those sets together...i'm just talking about the random ones that they can play with anytime. So don't worry...they won't be missing an important piece to anything. :)

5.Sometimes I have a can of coke first thing in the morning. Coffee is good..but nothing gets ya going like a coke! (trying so hard to break the habit. I do better in winter because I drink coffee in the morning)

6.Sometimes I yell more than I should.

7.Sometimes I like to get lost in text conversations with my sister or a good friend. Sometimes it's the only adult conversation I have in a day (well, besides talking to my husband).

8.I LOVE to lick the spoon after mixing up cake batter or better yet eat raw cookie dough. (PLEASE don't tell my kids--they make such a mess when licking spoons that I really play up the whole "you can't eat raw eggs" so I can keep the mess at a minimum and well, ya it myself!)

9.I sometimes ignore my kids' cries. WAIT...before you think I'm a horrible mother let me explain. There are MANY different types of cries that my kids have. MOST of them are ones that I can slowly respond to and usually by the time I get there they don't even remember why they were crying. Of course I know the "I JUST CUT MY FINGER OFF scream"..those don't get ignored.

10.I eat dinner while making dinner if it's at all possible (lately I've been holding a baby so it's not too easy to eat and make dinner with one hand). I mean, it's either eat it as I'm making it OR eat cold food. Usually I spend all of dinner dishing out food to kiddos and cleaning up messes and all that I would much rather have already ate. SO I usually just put a small amount of food on my plate to snack on while everyone else eats. (that way they don't question why I'm not eating). It works out pretty well.

What do YOU need to confess?


NanaDiana said...

Had I written a blog 25 years ago I would have confessed to many of the same thing. I used to take a hot bath at night after all the kids were down for the night. I kept a bag of M&M's hidden in the bathroom closet along with a small tupperware cereal bowl. I would float the bowl in the hot water with the M&M's in it. They would be all warm and melty and wonderful! xo Diana

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