Thursday, May 20, 2010

History does Repeat itself (well, in the case of hand-me-downs at least)

So now I'm on this kick of taking pictures and comparing pictures of my kids wearing clothes that were handed down from my oldest to the younger ones. Just like THIS post I have once again decided to take a picture of my child in an outfit handed down from an older sibling. And again, this wasn't intentially done. I didn't set out today to re-create history. But when I saw Gracie wearing this outfit it reminded me of Mya's 1 yr picture that I took in the same outfit. So I went and got the same prop I used almost 4 yrs ago to take Mya's One Year Picture and decided to take an 11 month old picture of Gracie. So here you have it folks! I'm once again "Re-Creating History".

Here is a picture of Mya just a couple of days before she turned 1 yr old

Here is a picture of Gracie that I took today. (darn, Mya didn't have the shoes on in her picture. I thought for sure she did--those were Mya's and passed down to Gracie too!)

Here is another picture to compare as well. This was Jordan back in March of 2007 and this was Mason today. Jordan was 3 1/2 and Mason is 2 1/2...and they are wearing the same shirt! Guess Mase is a little bigger than Jordan was!



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NanaDiana said...

OMGosh! SOOOO cute! Love it! You can sure tell they are related!