Saturday, May 8, 2010

A tribute to my Mother

The past few phone conversations I've had with my Mom have been really good. We've just talked a lot about being a "mom". It really got me thinking about how my own Mother has influenced my life as a mother. Something my mom did that has always stuck with me was that she always told us how much she loved us. Every day, many times a day. I never doubted how much my mom loved me. I truly love my kids more than anything and I am always making sure I tell them so they know. I want them to know just how much I love them just like I knew how much my mom loved (and still does of course!) me! Another attribute my mom had was that she was always adventurous with us. Whether it was driving Up North to walk up Thunder Mountain or going to Door County on the beach. We were always going somewhere or doing something adventurous She also helped us build forts in the woods and even a real tee-pee in our backyard! She always seemed to enjoy going on all these adventures with us. Now I'm not QUITE as adventurous with my kids as she was with us (I prefer being more crafty rather than trampling thru the woods--lol)but I understand how she felt enjoyment in that. When I think about what I want to do for fun it always involves something for my kids (making a craft, going to a playground, taking a walk on a nature trail, going to the zoo). I truly find enjoyment in watching my kids have fun. So now I understand how my mom felt when she did those fun things with us. There are many small things I find myself doing and think "that is JUST like Mom!". One of those things is taking pictures of my kids. I don't think a day goes by that I don't snap a few pictures. Thank goodness for the digital age or else I would need a whole room just to store all those printed off pictures! I would have millions! So does my mom. She has a whole closet full of pictures--mostly of us kids. So when I grab my camera to get a shot I often think "that is just like mom!". Another thing I have recently noticed that I do is point out God's beautiful creation. My mom was always fascinated with nature. She would take pictures (see she was ALWAYS taking pictures) of flowers and leaves all the time. She would collect leaves and they would be all over our house. She would also point out beautiful trees and flowers all the time. I now find myself doing that every time we drive somewhere. You can also find little vases of wild flowers (some are actually weeds-lol) around my house. I think of my mom every time I see something beautiful in nature. Something else that my mom did that has always stuck with me was when she would pray with us before we left for school. From Kindergarten thru my very last day of High school every morning before we left for school she would hold my hands and pray with me for the day. EVERY DAY with out fail. That had such a big impact on my life that you had better believe that I did that with Jordan when he started Kindergarten. So there you have it. Just a few of the special ways my very own Mother has impacted my life as a Mother. She is one very special lady in my life. Without her I would not be who I am today. I know I don't get to see her as often as I would like but I want her to know that I think about her daily and love her with all my heart. Happy Mother's Day Mom!


lori bunk said...

1. i LOVE your mom and miss her so much (especially her WI accent!)

2. i forgot how much you and autumn look alike

3. i wish i could see you as a mom, lou!

Shawna said...

Aww...lori beth...I wish I could see you as a mom too! :) And yes, especially in this picture Aut and I look SO much alike. That picture was taken the day after her wedding. It was funny, at her wedding that is what everyone was saying to me, how much we looked alike!

Anonymous said... im crying! haha this was so nice and true! u are so good at writing! love you very much!

Anonymous said...

the last message from me..autumn haha

SHAWNA said...

Autumn..i wondered who that last commment was from. at first I thought it was mom because that is what she emailed me when she read it! Glad to see you visited my blog and read it. :) Thanks for saying I'm good at writing. I LOVE to write! :) I could sit and blog all day! lol. BUT i don't have time for that. Like right now I'm multitasking..i'm nursing Gracie while writing this comment! anyways..LOVE YOU! :)