Saturday, November 13, 2010

What books are on YOUR nightstand?

A good friend of mine just posted a blog post (click here to read) about the books she is reading. I went and looked at my own nightstand and found quite a stack so I decided to post a picture.

The favorite of my stack besides the Bible is "One hundrend and One more devotions for homeschool moms". That book is SO easy to read. It's just a page or two a day but has such wisdom and totally speaks to me every day. It has really helped me get thru homeschooling and brought me closer to God. Definetly a must read for any homeschooling mom.

I'm into Essential Oils so I use this book as a reference book to differnet oils. I actually just added it to my nightstand yesterday as I got my orange essential oil in the mail and wanted to look up some uses for it.

The backyard homestead book has EVERYTHING in it for living more self sufficiently and more off the land. My dream is to someday have a small homestead out in the country. I don't read it from front to back...i just look thru it and read stuff I am interested in trying someday.

The puppy book is obvious as to why I read it. We have a new puppy.

I don't have anything real "deep" that I'm reading right now. With winter coming I'll be reading a LOT more and I look forward to it.

There you have nightstand book selection. :)


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