Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Mase Man!

(This should have been written on Dec. 11, 2010--I'm a little behind)
Three years ago today (well, not today...like I said this should have been written on Dec. 11th) a very special Lil' man entered my life. Mason James was born on Dec. 11, 2007. I can't believe he is 3 yrs old already. Where has the time gone? He was my sweet little baby that LOVED to cuddle. And now he's a toddler--or a preschooler? not sure what age that actually starts. He seems older than a toddler in my opinion. But back to what I was saying. He is growing up so fast and he is the FUNNIEST little boy. He loves to make us smile and laugh. He is also the sweetest boy. He still loves to cuddle and loves to be held. He STILL rubs my arm when going to sleep. (he has done that since he was about 7-8 months old). I love how he just randomly goes up to his daddy and says "I love you Daddy!". He says it to me...but there is just something about hearing him say it to his daddy that just melts my heart. Mason also keeps us on our toes...that's for sure! He is full of life and energy and is constantly finding ways to get that energy out of him! (sometimes he doens't choose very wise ways to get that out--example: throwing things across the room...coloring on everything and anything in sight, etc) but those are those things we will look back on and smile (right???). So HAPPY BIRTHDAY buddy! I love you with ALL my heart.

Here's a picture when he was a few hours old:

Here is a picture of him a few days old in the stocking they gave him at the hospital:

Here he is in his stocking when he was 1 year old (wish i had a pic WITHOUT a dirty face lol):

Here he is when he was TWO:

Here is the BIG 3 yr old in his stocking!

Mommy & Mase the day he was born:




NanaDiana said...

What a precius child. I love the energy of a three year old...and their innocence. You are a lucky Mom...and he is a lucky boy to have you as his Mom! Happy birthday Mase Man! Hugs from a Nana- Diana

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