Sunday, March 20, 2011


This past month has been filled with some unexpected blessings. They aren't anything HUGE or anything, but just simple things that shows God cares about the small things too.

Blessing #1: (this one actually took place quite a few months ago)We were given a bed frame for Mya. It's not just your typical twin bed. This bed is a few feet off the ground. It has a wooden SLIDE and underneath it has a tent thing that makes it look like a princess castle! It looks brand new! It's a little girls DREAM bed! We didn't need that bed yet (mya does have a twin bed right now but soon we will need two as gracie gets ready for a big bed). We don't even know the people that gave it to us! They gave it to my sister in law and told her to give it to US. What a blessing!

Blessing #2: I've been wanting a new VCR (you know, those ancient things that they had before DVD We had one that we bought 8 yrs ago and almost a year ago it would NOT eject the tape. I thought maybe a motor died in it or something (but what do I know...nothing about VCRs or other electronics that's for sure!) So the VCR sat hidden away. I wanted to buy another one recently because we were given TONS of Disney movies for our kids (Little Mermaid, Snow White, Aladdin, etc. TONS of those disney movies as well as veggie tales videos). I know it's not THAT big of a deal if my kids watch those movies but most they have NEVER seen and they really do enjoy movies. So I wanted them to be able to watch these when we had movie nights. Then a few weeks ago we were blessed with some MORE disney videos. Jordan asked if he could take a look at our VCR..i let him since I figured we just needed to throw it away anyway. Well, he unscrewed it and when he opened it up he found a toy fork and a lego! THAT is ALL that was wrong with it. With those toys removed it works PERFECTLY! WOW! I was SO happy. I know it's not a big deal but to me it was. A few days before that I actually prayed that we would find a cheap VCR or that we would even be given one. Silly, I know but God TRULY does care about the small stuff. I would have been JUST as happy without one but I would have just liked to have one for the kids.

Blessing #3: If you were to surprise me and come over unexpectedly anytime after dinner you would probably find me in my pajama pants. They are JUST so comfy. I just love pajama pants. I go thru pajama pants like CRAZY. I guess its' because they get worn so much and washed so much (with 4 kids and 2 dogs...i change clothes often in one day! LOL). I had a pair I loved that I had just a little over a year and they just got this huge hold right above the knee and the hole grew and grew until I had to sadly throw them in the trash. Well, out of no where I was blessed with not one, not two but THREE pairs of pajama pants (along with tops). They are like brand new! I was so excited! Nothing big, and they weren't something I needed desperatly..but just wanted more of them. I was so thankful for my new comfy pajama pants.

Blessing #4: Our boys slept on a full sized mattress on their bedroom floor for almost a year now. They desperatly needed twin beds. (The full bed wouldn't have been so bad for them to share..but it was SUPER old and so worn out and so uncomfortable). We were given TWO twin beds and TWO mattresses a few weeks ago! WHAT A BLESSING FROM GOD! We also got quite a few sheet sets and quilts for both beds! This one brought tears to my eyes. Our boys really did need this. (I have to add that the first night they slept on their new beds they were squealing with delight and I asked Jordan what he was doing and he said he was JUST SOO happy, he couldn't stop smiling because this bed was SOOOO comfortable!--that right there made me smile!)

THANK YOU God for the many blessings in my life. Both BIG and small.


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