Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patrick's Day 2011

(AHHHH...i could JUST scream. I just typed out this WHOLE blog post. Was just adding pictures and my internet timed out and I LOST my whole post (which is odd seeing as it auto saves as a draft while I'm typing...ugh). I'm SO frustrated. I don't time to type the whole as I didn't have time to do it in the first place. sometimes...argh! )

This blog post is LONG overdue. I haven't posted a blog post in over a month. I don't know what is wrong with me. I have had SO many blog post topics and ideas floating around in my head but I just could NEVER seem to get myself to sit down and actually get those thoughts typed out. I just wasn't in the mood I guess. So here is my post. It's nothing that profound or anything. It's just a tid bit of what the kids and I did to celebrate St. Patricks Day!

The quick run down of our ST. patrick's day. We wore GREEN clothes, ate GREEN pancakes & drank GREEN milk for breakfast. We baked "Funfetti" cupcakes with GREEN icing.

We ate a GREEN feast for lunch which consisted of GREEN mac n cheese (added food coloring so it was a nasty looking green, kiwi fruit, salad, pistachio salad (cool whip, pistachio pudding mix, crushed pineapple, mini marshmellows all mixed together), key lime pie yogert and GREEN kool-aid to drink! It truly was a GREEN feast!

After lunch we learned about the history of St. Patricks Day and about St. Patrick himself. THEN the kids painted shamrocks using their thumb print!
Oh and later on in the day once again a leperchan snuck into our house and peed in our potty! If you remember reading my post from last St. Patricks Day (click here to read that post)

Overall St. Patrick's Day 2011 was a success in the Beers Household.


NanaDiana said...

I'll bet there are a lot of Moms that are green with envy that you do such fun things with your kids!!! Happy St. Paddy's day! xxoo Diana

Shawna said...

Thanks Diana! :)

Anonymous said...

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