Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's a......BOY!! (and other quick updates)

So to quickly update all of my blog readers (are there even any out there?? biggie if there isn't...i tend to write for my own enjoyment...readers would be nice...but not a

We had our ultrasound yesterday to find out the sex of baby #5. I had in my mind that it was a girl. I mean, what are the chances that we would stick to our pattern of boy, girl, boy, girl...but this baby stuck to our pattern! BOY! I am happy, but just shocked really.

We brought all the kids to our appointment. We decided that it would be enjoyable for them to get to find out what the baby was. They really surprised me at how well they all enjoyed watching the baby on the tv. The baby even sucked on his hand and the kids got a kick out of that. And after we found out it was a boy the boys were cheering and all of a sudden the baby threw his arms up in the air almost as if he was cheering with the rest of his "boy" team! Very cute!

So that is our latest baby update. I've been feeling REALLY well. Definetly feeling the second trimester now as I have more energy and I'm not extrememly huge at the moment so i can still move around quite well.

I'm hoping for a HUGE blog facelift to take place after Christmas. I have new ideas for this blog and hopefully ways to make it more enjoyable for all those that read it. (which very possibly could only be two of enjoy blogging about as much as I enjoy reading blogs (blogs are one of my favorite things to read--if you could see my whole blog list of the blogs I follow and will see I have TONS of them..i love reading other people thoughts) I have been slacking on blogging a lot lately. I'm blaming it on how tired I was at the beginning of this pregnancy or just the busy that life brings. I'm working on that though. Time management...a goal of mine. I decided I need to get my butt in gear because if I don't think I have time now...what will it be like when #5 arrives??? And I'm not talking about just time to get the neccessities done but also leaving time for some hobbies of mine (blogging, crocheting, crafting etc). But anyways..that is all sounding like a new blog I'll just stop there and say hang on...changes are coming to my blog (good ones I hope!).

Merry Christmas to everyone (as I'm guessing I won't get a new post written between now and christmas). Remember the real meaning of Christmas. Our Savior Jesus Christ. Enjoy time together with family. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas,


NanaDiana said...

Aw...Shawna- Congratulations on Baby #5! Another boy- how wonderful~ I always read your posts but don't always have the time to comment.

You do know that Mindy had her 2nd baby boy? A BIG little guy...10# and 3oz. He is a really good baby but she had an emergency C-Section so has been staying here or I have been down in Milwaukee with her to help out.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family. I think it is awesome that you took the kids to the ultrasound and that the baby "cheered" right along with the boys.

You remember Ryan? He and his wife are expecting their first baby this summer. It has been a long time coming wth a few disappointments along the way. They are super excited-and so are we.

Blessings and love to you- Diana

lori bunk said...

yay for baby boys!!!!! congrats lou!

denise said...

woo hoo for a new baby boy!

Rebecca said...

*SQUEAL!!* Congratulations!!! :D

Blog updates - is amazing! ;)

Merry Christmas! :-*

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