Friday, March 23, 2012

Where I've been....

I have been HORRIBLE at blogging. Even after I said I was going to be BETTER at blogging and keeping up with it. Even though I WANTED to keep up. In my mind I had about 100 blog entries. I even have a few of them partically written. Just never got around to posting. Life gets busy. So here is basically EVERYTHING in a nutshell of what has been going on. Warning: they are VERY random thoughts. And for the record...I'm not going to promise consistant blog posts anymore. I will post when I can. :)

* I'm 34 weeks pregnant with baby #5.

* I waddle when I walk.

* I have my hospital bags packed and ready to go.

* I have decided to embark on a new adventure with this baby. CLOTH DIAPERING! I'm really excited to start. I mean...I already have load upon load of laundry to do. Whats an extra load every other day right? And my MAIN motivation for doing this is the fact that I will save our family LOTS of money. I am home all day with my kiddos. The least I can do is try to save some money. I figured this was a good way to do it. And give me brownie points with the environment as well. (does that cancel out the fact that I purchased a bunch of paper plates, cups, bowls, & silverware to use after the baby is born???) I've been researching it since I was pregnant with #4 so I just decided to go with it.

* I started to pass out today in the dr office while they were trying to hear the baby's heartbeat. It was somewhat embarassing. The whole room turned black so I quickly rolled onto my left side. Note to self: Do not lay on your back for more than a few seconds. (my big prego belly just crushes my lungs causing me to not be able to breathe!)

* The kids are about done with their school year. YAY...something FINALLY went as planned. :) The goal was to be done before baby arrived.

* Right now...for the first time in almost 9 yrs I don't have a child in diapers nor do I carry a diaper bag. (I gave up carrying a purse and just used the diaper bag as my purse for the past 8 1/2 yrs until about 6 months ago when gracie no longer needed me to bring a change of clothes with us wherever we went--she's been potty trained since 18 months of age). At one point I even had 3 kids in diapers at one time! But I'm actually excited to get back to using a diaper bag. I bought a super cute one...and I just don't have enough room in my purse...So I don't mind carrying just a diaper bag.

* I'm obsessed with grapes and cream cheese fruit dip. It's my third trimester pregnancy craving.

* I have been HORRIBLE at taking pictures lately. I barely take any of the kids. Nor have I taken any pregnancy shots. Usually I'm all about taking lots of my big ol' belly. I guess I"m just too lazy to do it these days. So strange...because most would consider me a compulsive photo taker.

* As uncomfortable as I am right now...I'm still going to miss being pregnant after the baby is born. It's so entertaining to lay on the couch and feel the baby move.

* I am hoping to not have an epidural with this baby (had 3 epidurals and didn't have one with the last one...great experience!) BUT I still have the thought of it in the back of my mind if for some reason this baby decides to take awhile.

* I hope to make it to the hospital for the birth of this baby. I'm not kidding either. My dr is even concerned because we live 30 min from the hospital! Barely made it last time.

* I am predicting that my next blog post will have to do with the birth of baby beers #5. :)

There you have it. Those are the thoughts that just popped out of my brain and into my blog post. As you can see...most if not ALL of my thoughts revolve around my big belly and the baby inside.


lori bunk said...

so excited for you lou!!!! can't wait to meet baby #5!!!!!! you are making me want to be pregnant again, and i thought that would NEVER happen!!! XOXOX

NanaDiana said...

Thanks, Shawna, for the update. It took me a while to realize it was you because of the name of your blog now. I am excited for you and your new arrival. I can't wait to see some pictures of that new baby. You are such a good Mom! I used cloth diapers with my first two but switched over after that. It is a lot of work but I LOVED seeing diapers on the line- crazy, I know! And, once they are out of them they make the best dust rags ever!

Good luck and let us know as soon as you go eat some grapes and cream cheese! xo Diana