Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my day

Okay, so first of all, I am minus 2 kids for part of this week. Ryan had to go to Memphis, TN to work some insurance claims again this week and is staying with his sister. SO he took Jordan & Mya with him and she is watching them while he's working. I was so sad saying good bye to them this morning. This is the first time I've ever been away from them at night except for when I was in the hospital giving birth. I feel so lost that they aren't here with me. I can't stop thinking about them and can't stop worrying about them. But I know they will be fine but it's just SO hard for me. I have always just had a hard time ever thinking I would leave them over night. I do have Mason at home with me, but I just feel lost only having one kid to take care of. Although, Mason made sure that my day was anything but easy. The poor baby is sick. This morning I had to run to the bank around 8:30am. So we hopped in the Expedition and went on to the bank on the way home Mason started crying and saying "mommy, mommy" I looked in my rear view mirror to see what was wrong and then all of a sudden "Volcano Mason" erupted. Yes, he threw up all over!!!! Okay, that came out of NO WHERE! I was shocked. We were only 2 min from home so I continued to drive. After we got home I cleaned him up and he seemed to be better. But he wouldn't eat, other than though, he seemed just fine. I had a Dr appt at 11:15am today so we had to leave around 10:30am to get there in time. I got out another car seat (I hadn't had a chance to completely clean up the other car seat yet and some how we have 4 car seats that he could go into. Strange cuz we only have 2 kids--Mya & Mason that need just the regular forward facing car seats..but anyways). As we are driving to my appointment he started to cry and sure enough, "volcano Mason" erupted AGAIN!. I pulled over and cleaned him all up. Changed his clothes and everything. I really needed to go to my appt so I decided to just continue on. I prayed the rest of the way that he wouldn't puke again. He ended up falling asleep. When we got there, he was as happy as could be and acted completely fine. By 12:15am we were on our way home. Once again, he puked ALL OVER. I pulled over, took off his clothes, cleaned him up and tried getting him comfortable back in his seat. I couldn't believe this was happening!!! After I got home, I gave him a bath and he seemed just fine once again. He even asked for applesauce and some grapes. I let him eat what he wanted cuz I knew he needed something in him. He even had a little bit of milk in his bottle. Besides being a little extra clingy to me, he acted normal. He played outside and everything! I really needed to get a few things from walmart so at 6:30pm I decided to head out (crazy i know)I mean, he hadn't thrown up since 12:30pm. Wouldn't you know though, 5 minutes down the road, he puked ALL OVER. This time it was BAD. Since he had eaten earlier that was all over. I take this back way to walmart. It's literally over the river and through the woods and there really isn't anywhere to pull over. But it only takes 10 min to get to walmart so I continued on my way. I cleaned him up in the parking lot. changed his clothes and got him all clean. I figuredI had a little bit of time before he felt sick again. So we rushed thru walmart and I got everything I needed. Now it was time to go home. I did something I thought I would NEVER do. THere was no way he could sit in his car seat without getting all nasty again (it's a mess and going to require me taking off all of the seat cloth and washing it) SO I put him in Jordan's booster seat and just buckled him with the regular seat belt. I know, I'm a bad mom. I'm normally such a stickler when it comes to following the car seat rules. I WILL NOT put my kids in a booster car seat until they are over 40lbs and so many inches (i don't know the exact inches off the top of my head). That is definetly a safety rule I will stick to. Poor Mya won't be in a booster seat car seat until she's in 2nd grade at this rate...she doesn't even weigh 30lbs yet and she's just about 4!!! but anyways...so I put Mason in jordan's booster seat car seat. I prayed that God would protect us on our 10 min ride home and off I went. Luckily, like I said, Walmart is over the river and through the woods to our house...so there wasn't any traffic and I could go as slow as I wanted to. We made it home without another puking episode OR getting in a wreck. So anyways....now it's almost 11pm...Mason is sleeping and I really had planned on getting TONS of stuff done while Mason was in bed since I wouldn't have the other kiddos to put to bed. But now I'm thinking I will just head to bed myself. Tomorrow is another day and I can hopefully get stuff done and enjoy my day with just Mason a little more than i did today. I'm praying he's over this by morning. I do have to take our expedition in at 8am too to get new brakes so I'm really praying he doesn't puke again. Wow...what a day it was today!

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