Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day Project

Since yesterday was Earth Day I wanted to find a little art project for the kids to do that had to do with Earth day. SO I found what I thought would be a fun, creative AND easy project. This link right here is what we made. In theory it sounded like a fun and easy project. BUT it was rather messy. EXTREMELY messy when making crayon shavings. I used an old cheese grader to shave the crayons. Maybe there is an easier way to make crayon shavings, not sure??!! Rubbing them on the grader just made them be all static clingy and they stuck to my hands, the bowl, the table, everywhere! When it came time to iron, the little shavings that were on the table melted to the table thru the wax paper(these were the shavings that made their way off the project onto the table). SO I had scrape them off of the table. The clean up ended up taking longer than the project it self. I don't like projects like that. All in all the kids had fun making their sun catcher Earths but Mommy wasn't too thrilled after the fact. If you don't mind the big mess then it's a good project. Happy Earth day everyone! (and yes, I'm aware that is was yesterday)

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