Thursday, October 16, 2008

Annoying stranger at my door

So tonight at dinner the kids and I were all sitting down eating dinner. We were right on schedule. Jordan had a soccer game at 6pm so we had to stay completley on schedule in order to make it there on time and not feeling rushed. Then the door bell rings. Of course my kids make a mad dash for the door thinking it would be someone they knew. I also assumed it would have been someone we knew. Hardly anyone ever rings our doorbell unexpected. Well, to my surprise it was a well dressed black gentleman. He started rattling off his whole schpeal (not quite sure the spelling of that word...but sound it out and you should have the word I ment to use). I felt like slamming the door just because he was interupting my perfectly scheduled dinner. But instead..i listened...knowing my final answer would be "No, I am not interested". In my mind I kept thinking of a way to politely say, "no thanks" but there really wasn't a break in his talking to politly do that. By this time I was holding Mason who weighs 27 lbs and kept trying to climb over my shoulder. I couldn't put him down because he would make a mad dash thru the door. Well, come to find out this guy was trying to get "points" (??) to pay his way to go and audition for American Idol. He had some whole signed ordeal from our city giving him permission to go door to door (we live in a village where you can't just do anything without getting permission from the property owners association--like you can only do things in this city if you live here or are a guest of someone who does). So apparently this was legit. Then he says he will sing for us. OKAY...not to be mean..but HE WAS NOT EVEN GOOD! My kids were LAUGHING at must be bad when a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old are laughing at your singing. I was trying to hide behind mason to keep from cracking a smile. I mean, I couldn't look at the guy, know what i mean? He wasn't like super duper bad..but only the first line of the song sounded half way decent. He sung the hymn "my eyes are on the sparrow". So apparently this poor guy is trying to raise money to audtion for american idol only to probably make it on the episodes where they make fun of people! I'm sure Simon will have some words for him. Something like, "it was totally pitchy", you couldn't sing for a childs birthday party, or why don't you find another profession, singing is not for you!". Anyway..back to the points that he was collecting. He got points if we ordered magizines from him. I told him, "no, i'm sorry, i already get all that I want and I'm also trying to cut back in spending". He looked at me disappointed and then told me that "Amy" like i even knew who that was..apparently she lives on my street ordered something Disney for her kids. he even showed me her check and what she ordered. I was just like, that is great for Amy, but I'm not interested. Then he said, "well, you don't have to buy any, you can just give a donation of a penny or more and I can get 7pts." Jordan ran in his room and got one "penny" for him! HOW FUNNY!!!! The guy took the penny and was like, "thanks but gave me this strange look! Well, there you go are one penny closer to auditioning for american idol! GOOD LUCK! LOL! SO weird...then of course...we were in a RUSH to get to Jordan's soccer game and the kids never finished their dinner. I should have just shut the door the second I opened it. Sorry, i'm not the most friendly type I guess. Next time I'll look to see who's there before I open it. If it's anyone i don't know..they can just keep walking! LOL!


lori bunk said...

that story made me laugh. jordan giving him a penny is the cutest thing ever... i bet that guy won't say "the penny" donation again!

One Thing... said...

That cracks me up! Maybe you should send Jordan around to sing and colelct money from people. I bet he would get more than a penny!