Friday, October 17, 2008

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Today was Jordan's field trip the Pumpkin Patch. Mya, Mason and I went too! We followed the buses there (and boy was it quite the drive. It took 45 min and we were in the middle of nowhere! I swear i've never seen so much farm land before!) Anyways, Jordan was SO excited to ride the bus. It was his 1st time on one. So he was super excited. Mya was less than thrilled to know that her Bubba was riding a school bus and she wasn't but she quickly got over that, thank goodness!!. When we got there we ate lunch. Then we took a Hay ride and then the kids rode on the cow train thru the corn maze. There were some slides there and pumpkins of course! The kids had so much fun. I had fun watching them have fun. Oh and Mason had fun playing the "corn box" (it's like a sand box except it was filled with corn!) Poor Mason though, wasn't feeling well. He didn't eat all day and wasn't quite his normal smiley self. He was still happy, but I could tell he wasn't himself. Poor little guy. But anyways, so that is what we did today. Hope you enjoy the pictures from our day!

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