Friday, October 24, 2008

Mya is going to be okay!!!!

I really ment to write a blog last night and I actually started one, but Mason turned off my computer (AGAIN..he is so fast and obsessed with the blue button..i need to figure out something so he doesn't do that...but back to my blog) So, we had Mya's Dr appt yesterday. At first they started acting very serious and very concerned about her symptoms. She did have a slight fever. They checked her oxygen level and was finally able to get a reading they were happy with. Then they ordered an xray and wanted to do an uralysis (where you pee in a cup). The nurse asked Mya if she would be willing to go pee in a cup..and she flat out said, "no way, I'm NOT doing that!". I could tell by the way she said it...she was NOT going to do that. We are still working on potty training and I have not been able to find any sort of bribe that works for that so I knew we weren't going to bribe her to pee in the "hat" they put on the toilet. We tried...but she clearly wasn't going to do that. So they stuck this bag thing to her with hopes she would pee and they would collect it that way. She was NOT happy about that either. (she never ended up doing it so they never did the uralysis)So then they did the xray. She was fine with that and amazed at what her "insides" looked like. She didn't like that she couldn't see her arms though, she wanted a picture of her arms. LOL! Finally after awhile the dr went over her xray with us. Come to find out she is CONSTIPATED! All that and that is what the problem is. I had NO clue. She really didn't show signs of it. He also said she has lots of air pockets in her abdomen which probably was caused by her swallowing air when she was crying. He said that can be very painful because it has no where to go since her intestines are blocked. I was SO relieved to hear those results. Constipation...we can handle that. The tumor that I THOUGHT was growing in her stomach was something I couldn't handle! Oh and the reason for it only hurting at night was because that is when her intestines happen to do whatever it is that intestines do on a regular basis (hence the reason for it happening at the same time every night). He told me to give her Milk of Magnesia and have her eat applesauce and pears and to get extra exercise. Last night she slept the WHOLE night. No waking up crying. I was SO relieved. I am just happy that what could have been something really bad was something very common. Thank you to all of you that were praying for her. I really appreciate it. I know God had his hand on this situation.


denise said...

I'm so happy for you! I bet it was a WONDERFUL, restful night for ALL of you!

One Thing... said...

I am so glad your baby girl is ok. So good to hear. Love you!