Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's 1:32am, what are you doing right now? I have 4 peacefully sleeping children and one sleeping dog. The house is quiet. I love the sound of nothing. Why am I awake you ask? Well, I just swept the living room and kitchen floors. I scrubbed the living room floor and dusted the living room. I was in a cleaning mood so I had to get it done. It's going to feel SO good to wake up to a clean house. I'm in overdrive right now. I have SO much energy. I just want to do it all right now. BUT i know I'd regret that in the morning so I'm hoping by typing this it will make my eyelids start to get droopy and I'll get that tired feeling. Gracie is peacefully sleeping in her bed next to my bed (i'm in my bedroom now as I type this). I know that as soon as I hit that pillow she will wake up and want to nurse and then sleep the rest of the night with me. She seems to know as soon as i'm in bed. well, these are all my thoughts at 1:37am...as I had hoped I'm getting sleepy. So good night. (man, this is really a random mumbled blog entry--you can't expect more from me at this time of night though lol). I would take a picture of my nice clean living room BUT that would require getting my camara out, taking the picture, then uploading it on here. Too much work. LOL. Okay, good night.

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