Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who is it?!?!

#1 Mya or Gracie????

#2 Mya or Gracie?!?!

#3: Is this Mya or Gracie?!?!!

#4 Mya or Gracie?!?!?

I just decided to pick 4 random pictures. Can you tell me which ones are Mya and which ones are Gracie??!?!?!? I was looking thru some pictures and can't believe how much they look alike. :)


lori bunk said...

is it...
1. gracie
2. mya
3. gracie
4. mya

denise said...

Gracie, Mya, Gracie Mya. Am I right? I promise, I wrote it before looking at Lori's... :)

Shawna Beers said...

GOOD JOB Lori & both were right. Maybe they don't look that similar. hmm...i know i have some pictures of them wearing the same outfits..i should have taken more time and found those pictures so really see how much they look alike. oh well. Good job though. :)

denise said...

they do look VERY similar. but remember when we only see each others kids through pics we look at them more closely! I think their eyes are exact, but it's Mya's mouth that seems different. At least that is how I guessed them :) BTW LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog layout!