Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thankful for these....

I kinda got this idea from a friend's blog entry a few days ago. She blogged about what she was thankful for that day. Going thru out my day I would think of something that I was truly thankful for. Some of them aren't a big deal but to me they make me smile! And of course I'm thankful for my family but these are just some "things" that I'm thankful for. Here are a few of them:

1. Hotsling baby carrier--it's so simple to use, light weight, I bring it everywhere I go. Without it I couldn't go and do all what I do with all 4 kiddos in tow. Like just taking a simple walk. Since I don't have a double stroller, how would I walk and push 2 strollers?!?! Instead I put Gracie in the hotsling and Mason in a stroller and off I go!!!

2. Crocs--Yes, those horrible looking plastic shoes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them for the kids at least (but I do have a pair and have worn them many times.) I love that I can get them wet to clean them off. I love that even Mason can put them on his feet by himself. They are GREAT shoes. The cheap, off-brand ones work just as good!!! Gotta love plastic shoes!

3. Doggie fragrance spray--it gives my puppy dog a fresh smell...cuz heaven forbid he smell like a DOG!

4. Dishwashers--washing dishes has always been the one chore I hated. Without a dishwasher my dishes would pile high in the sink!! Thank you to whoever invented the dishwasher. You deserve a hug!

5. Mexican food--it's just so YUMMY!!

6. Disposable diapers-- I know using cloth diapers is probably "better" but there is NO way I could handle cleaning them, or just dealing with them. I even throw poopy underwear away instead of cleaning them out. It just seems SO much easier in my book!!!

7. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser--I don't really know what it is...but this thing works WONDERFUL. I use it almost daily!!!

8. Pizza Cutter--oh, how i love thee! I use this thing to cut almost anything. pancakes, french toast, crust off of sandwiches, pretty much anything I cut for the kids.

9. coupons--lets just say I LOVE free money!!!!

10. stain remover--one of those things that saves so many of my kiddos outfits! Gotta love it!


denise said...

YES! Those are some great things. Now, which stain remover??? :) I need to see if I'm using the best kind, lol.

Lillian said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE stain removers! I used them all the time on Lydia's clothes and she never went out of the house in stained clothing. When people would give me "hand me rounds" (cuz we passed them on, not down =>) I would always treat the stains that had set in and they ALWAYS came out. People loved getting my hand me rounds. =>

My favourite now is the stuff you add to your wash that Billy Mays used to hawk, Oxyclean! You can get it at Walmart. I use it in all my loads of laundry. It really works.

OK this is turning into a blog. I love all your favourites and can definitely see why they are your fav's. I may borrow this idea. ♥

Shawna said...

Denise..I just use "shout" stain remover. It's always worked so I just kept using it. :) Lillian...go ahead "borrow" the idea! :)