Monday, February 1, 2010

Homeschooling 101

We did it...I DID IT!!!! We survived our first day of homeschooling. I felt like I was in a class or something. (hence the name...homeschooling 101). I found myself constantly jotting down notes of what works and what doesn't. Or as other ideas popped in my head I wrote those down too. We started the morning off by waking up at 7:30am. I was laying in bed nursing Gracie and Jordan came rushing in all excited about "the first day of homeschool". We ate breakfast, got dressed and were all ready to start at 9am. We started the morning off with a Bible lesson from Mason's Toddler Bible. I wanted to do something with all 3 of them and include Mason. Then I had Mason coloring a picture while I started with Jordan's writing lesson. I don't actually have his curriculum yet (it's ordered already, we are just waiting for it to arrive). So I'm just kinda working with what I have. I think it will go even smoother once I don't have to actually write up the lesson plans. I'm just kinda pieceing together lessons for now. Mya has been working in some preschool workbooks I have. I found it a bit challenging at first to get each one doing something different. But I got that all figured out. I just have to have Mya and Mason busy then I can spend as much time as needed explaining the lesson to Jordan. I thought I had enough lessons to last us until 1pm today. (with a snack break in the morning and a lunch break). We were almost done by 10am!!! So while they were working on an art project (i didn't have this planned but they REALLY wanted to paint so I let them) I scrambled around and got some more lessons together. We finished around 1pm. The day went REALLY well considering I didn't have any curriculum yet. I think this is going to be a GREAT thing. I love watching my kids learn. I love having them all home with me all day. I love watching them try to teach each other. It was a great day! I'm excited for tomorrow.


denise said...

I'm so glad that it went well! I have a friend that they are done mid morning with her two. Her twins are not old enough yet to have full school, so she does little things with them. Then they do late morning or early afternoon activities to places or lessons! I think we both need zoo passes and we could meet monthly at the zoo for "school"!!! BTW, if Mya is really wanting to learn.... my cousin (and others) swear by "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" and it's on Amazon (you can borrow my prime if you need it)

Lillian said...

I loved homeschooling Lydia. Our day could start when we wanted it to, if she was sick, we could take the day in fits and starts, and if she finished early we were able to decide to go to the next lesson or to do field trips! It was so much fun. Challenging but fun. Find a co-hort in your area. There will be people there who can help you with subjects that you may have trouble with. Also consider Abeka's DVD series for the subjects that might be out of your area of expertise.

I am excited for you!